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Old 06-04-2009, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by AgilityKrazii View Post

I have a thing for Border Collies and will probably own one in the future so I'm sure I would have no problem with a tollers energy, I love energetic dogs!

The only thing that worries me is the DA/DR, I might be apt for an adult rescue Toller, that way I would know how it is with other dogs, instead of getting a pup and despite socilization I find I have a DA or DR Toller.

Also do Tollers tend to be super sensitive or do they bounce back quickly, like after proper socilization lets say something just spooks them, are they the kind of dog to be scared of that forever untill desisitizing them to it or do they just bounce back and investigate what just happened or does it depend on the dog and where it came from?

Thanks again!!

I have no doubts that you'd be able to handle a Toller's energy -- your Lab sounds like he's quite the character, so I don't think dealing with a Toller would be too much different for you. What I meant was not to compare too much with a Border Collie if you tend to like them, or you will be disappointed a little bit with a Toller as they aren't quite up to par energy level or intelligence wise and many people think they're pretty much the same.

As far as the DR, it's not severe in most Tollers, really. The only time Dance gets iffy is in our house (like I said), or if she's somewhere on leash where dogs are really crowding her. They just enjoy their space and don't like dogs invading it or being rude/pushy about it. Finding a rescue Toller would be really hard -- they aren't easy to come by at all, and when they do pop up, the rescues generally have a full waiting list since they are so few and far between. Lots of Toller breeders do seem to rehome retired breeding dogs or show prospects that didn't turn out, so that may be an option for you. Tollers breeders will tell you that DR isn't anything to worry about, but I've seen quite a few with it. Just minorly like Dance though.

Tollers certainly are not as forgiving as lots of other dogs. They can be very sensitive, and positive training is recommended for them or they might shut down. It does depend on the dog to a certain extent, but they aren't entirely known for their bravery, haha. Like Dance and her bag issue -- I've been trying to desensitize her to them for 2 years now, to no avail. She's lacking in confidence though and has been since I got her, so that plays a huge role in how difficult it is for her to overcome things. I did, on the other hand, get her over her shyness toward people eventually and she ended up getting her Canine Good Neighbour certificate a couple months ago -- something I didn't think would ever happen, as she was pretty leary of people for a long time. Spring is the opposite, though. Not anywhere near as sensitive. If she's spooked by something, she will investigate further, and once she sees that I'm ok with whatever happened, so is she. She's also not overly sensitive when it comes to training -- if she doesn't do something right the first time, she'll put 10 times more the effort into it the next time until she gets it right usually.
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