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Old 06-03-2009, 09:32 AM
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Default Whippets, AKC, Puppies, Agility, Oh My! (Questions)

Confusing title? LOL

So I've had whippet fever lately, and gosh those dogs look awesome. One day in the far future (a few years from now), I'd love to own one. But I'd love to compete with it in different things. Annie's a whippet mix, so it's hard to judge their personality without actually living with a full blooded one that was actually raised properly.

So, for whippet owners, I have questions:

What's their overall attitude like? Are they typically known to be good with other dogs? I know about the cat and small animal thing, Annie absolutely inherited those whippet chasing qualities.

Are they agile? Would they do good in competing in agility? I know they're fast little sprinters.

I know they're a sighthound, so is off-leash recall at all possible? (I guess this goes back to being able to do agility with them)

When the time comes, would it be better to get a puppy with full AKC registration? Will a dog be able to go further will full AKC registration, as opposed to a rescue with an ILP number? I'm not looking for dead-on competition, but I would like the option to be able to enter and compete in several diff. areas, such as agility, rally, obed. I know a dog can do these things with an ILP, but I wasn't sure if they were limited in how far they can go, ect.

Is a whippet a family dog? It's very hard to guage living with Annie because of her past. A whippet that is raise properly, are they typically out-going with strangers, or very reserved? Are they typically very shy (images of italian greyhounds running thru my mind at the moment).

I think that's all for now.
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