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Old 05-25-2009, 11:45 PM
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Default Bolting and General Disobedience

Hi Chazhound, been a while since my last question. But it seems that I've run into an issue again

This only started happening recently, but Wanta is starting to become increasingly 'disobedient'. She is so in a couple of specific ways that I'll list out to make it less vague

1. She bolts out of the house onto the street whenever given the chance (in the past, she would just kind of walk out the door and back in. Now she bolts straight out of any crack leading to the outdoors). Why she does this -now- I totally do not know, but when she does, she ignores my commands and chases bikes/cars/runs on the street. It's incredibly dangerous and despite my angry commands/yells, she just keeps running around like it's a game. The game is apparently called 'dodge the car that will kill you'

It always kind of bothered me when dogs did this. I mean, what exactly is she trying to say in doggie-language: "screw this prison, I'm outta here?...". Augh, this statement is kind of emo, but seriously, does she not like living here?... (it's even sadder that she wasn't like this at all when she was younger. She was much more 'attached')

2. She is starting to manipulate my 'sit' command. Whenever I ask her to sit, it seems that she is totally expecting the treat that comes after. As a result, I can kind of sense the gleam in her eye saying ( comes the treat...then I bolt!). Thus, the command is virtually useless. For example, when she bolts out onto the street, if I say the sit command she may half-fall-for-it the first time, but then she reacts after seeing I'm not giving her a treat and bolts off again.

When I caught her I was furious, and gave her a 10 minute time out (I was mad at her for ignoring my commands and angry at myself for allowing this incident to occur more than once/lack of training her/whatnot). The time-out was the only thing I could think of as a 'deterrent' because I am aware she probably doesn't know that running on the street is 'dangerous' and 'wrong'. But then again...-maybe- she does..

My rational mind is telling me Wanta is focused on 'play'...SO focused in fact, that she completely ignores the concept of 'boundaries' and 'danger'. I also realize that my sit command is being kind of a gimmick that doesn't at all serve its primary purpose: keeping Wanta safe in case of an accident.

So yeah, help would be -great- Chazhound because I'm failing again
So... alternative training methods? Obedience class? Or do most dogs bolt out of houses whenever given the chance (though my instinct is telling me: no).


PS: Maybe Wanta is going through her 'rebellious-stage', though that would suggest that other dogs would've acted similarly at her age
Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix
Name: Wanta
Sex: Female
Age: 10 months so far
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