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Old 05-24-2009, 02:14 PM
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Default afghan, salukie and danes...oh my.

so just because its been playing in my mind...

im "thinking through" my DISTANT future "big" dog...
(my next dog probably in about a years time (if we have a house by then will be a 3rd crestie lol)

theres are 7 breeds that i absolutly LOVE

Staffie Bull, Doberman, Standard Poodle, Standard Xolo, Saluki, Afghan, and Danes.

obviously all are EXTREEMLY different breeds

i think, with the cresties a poodle would be too much coat upkeep so i think ive ruled a poodle out...

Xolos are a realy cool and interesting breed, but i think mabe too similar to the like to "expand" so i think ive ruled these guys out too...

Staffie bulls are a favorite, but id want to import one from the uk if i was going to get a staffy...and im very worried about dog agression with the cresties and such a powerfull breed. they are also a "high risk" breed in the area and there trying to get them under well as making getting affordable house insurance a pain in this area...meaning there probbaly out of the question too...

Dobies also fall under the "expensive home owners liability insurance" category...and as much as i love dobies the bf is warey of them...rulling them out for the most part too...

this leaves Danes...

i had a dane growing up who was the love of my life...
and ive fostered danes.
i love the way they look and they have great personalities, but their short life span, health concerns and potential same sex agression make me warey of making a dane a perminent addition...

i love the way this breed looks and moves, they are a stunning breed...but ive not had any first hand experience with them

My grandfather had an afghan, and ive spent quite a bit of time around sighthounds...
cresties also have a sighthoundish personality...
i LOVE these guys, such sweethearted gentle giants...even if they can be "hard of hearing" lol.
i do have a little bit of concern about running a sight hound...were planning on having a good fenced garden but it wont be huge...and walks are no problem...but id want to find a lure coursing club or soemthing before going for it.

im also concerned with prey drive in the sighhounds, the cresties arnt "tiny" but there definatly small enough to insite "bunny" thoughts...

no matter what breed they woudlnt be left alone with the cresties unsupervised...
but yeah..

any thoughts, opinions, even experience with these breeds...
would be apreciated.

I wonder if other dogs think Cresties are members of some weird religious cult?

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