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Old 05-20-2009, 03:20 PM
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Default Introducing pup to older dog....

Hi all, have a question about introducing two Dog’s, at the moment I’m looking after my girlfriends 9 week old Lap-pit mix Female and we’re trying to introduce her to my girlfriends other dog a very old (I think she’s like 13 or so) she’s a female hmm Border collie I think, she has a very strong bond with me and my car lol.

Now we have read up on the best why to introduce them, the first time went well enough BUT the second time didn’t go so well and we figured that it was because Laika the old dog saw me get out of my car with the pup and we’re pretty shore that annoyed her (and we did make the mistake of letting them meet head on which I understand is not a good idea).

Anyway today they met again no car in sight and the older dog was a little aggro (I had the pup at first) not to bad and no real aggression from the older dog just sort of saying to the pup go away don’t bother me.

So then we swapped dogs and Laika the older dog calmed down straight away with me having her, she seemed fine with girlfriend having the pup and seemed to take to the pup with much more ease.

We get the feeling that Laika is jealous of me having the pup we really need to make this work (both dogs are my girlfriends) so there gonna have to live together soon as I have things to do blar blar blar.

So is this ok to maybe swap between dogs when there meeting, we are taking it slow and following the rules as best we can she’s good with her dog and understands body languish I’m also learning fast so we have it down pretty well (I hope) please feel free to add anything that might help..

I just thought it was, well not weird but I little odd that Laika was cool when with me and not her owner.

Any thought most welcome and damm the pup is growing fast and learning quickly along with wearing me out, it really is a full time job but I’m happy to do it I have Laika today so some piece and a good nights sleep..

Thanks for reading. This site is top notch I cant stop reading up on things it feels like the hole dog thing has taken over my thinking….roof rrof..
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