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Old 05-13-2009, 10:26 PM
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Honestly, I can't say enough about a Doberman. They're the most incredible breed I've been around as a whole, and I've loved pretty much each and every one of them I've met. They're beautiful, intelligent, elegant, very family-oriented dogs. Never have I been around a breed that loves their family/person as much as a Dobe does -- they'll do anything for their people without question. As much as I hate the rude remarks I get from people when out in public with Keira, I also really do like the fact that people tend to be a little leary of her too. It's nice to have a feeling of protection without the dog actually needing to do anything to warrant the reaction (if that makes any sense). I like that they're thinkers and problem solvers, and really do try and figure things out for themselves.. unlike some dogs that give up quick and look for their owner for assistance. The one and only thing I truly could live without is that fact that many Dobes seem to be pretty whiny, which is annoying, but something I can live with and something that certainly is not hard to deal with. Now that I have Dobermans in my life, I can't imagine ever not having them in my life.

And Tollers... they're just a ton of fun. They live to play and just have a good time, and it's nice to have that contrast between them and the Dobes. I like their energy level, and the fact that they're less people dependent than other retrievers. They're pretty intelligent, and very quick learners. They aren't as "OMG I love you!!!" and in your face with people, and rather are more reserved than other retrievers which I really like. I don't think I could have Tollers as my only breed for long... but I'll always have them in my life as a good contrast to my more "serious" Dobermans. Things I don't like about Tollers is that they can be extremely vocal -- mine aren't too bad, but some of the ones I looked after were awful -- and while quick learners, can be quite stubborn and "what's in it for me?". I can deal with those though. In all honesty, after taking care of 14 of them, I don't completely adore them as much as I once did. But having one or two is nice, and I still can't imagine not having the breed.

I love both of these breeds pretty much equally, and as much as I'd like to try others out, I'll probably just stick with Tollers & Dobes forever. Both are equally perfect for me in their own ways.
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