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Old 05-13-2009, 01:00 PM
jimmy jimmy is offline
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Default Burking whining when left alone...bit long but please read

Hi everyone think I might have posted before regarding other dogs but cant remember....anyhow,

I'm looking after my girlfriends new pup its staying with me until it gets used to her other dog (they met today went well)...

OK the pups been with me for only 2 days its a female Lab-mix got her at 8 weeks.

Now I've read all about leaving for short periods etc ect yesterday left for 15 min on and off burking (too long I guess) today left her about the same time (15) no noise for maybe 5 min but then crazy whinning and damm is she a loud one.

Also tryed leaving her in my bedroom and shut the door with me still in the front room, she went nuts poped and let loose so she was off course freaked out.

She seems fine outside so far very happy a little anxius at first but I think thats the stairs (she to small at the moment to walk down them) but I took her to meet G.F dog we walked past some big noisey machine (road works) not to much of a problem seemed ok.

Ok what I'm dreading is that she does not turn into a barking whinning dog when I leave, I've had to look after a 8 month old rott-dopp mix because of this problem and the owner had to give him I'm paranoid big time.

1. how long should I leave her, lets say I leave for 5min and she burking the hole time should I alway come back or wait for her to stop even if its for 10 seconds then return...what I'm trying to say is I live in a small block of appartments and it so loud that my naibers will get angry pritty fast so I will have to return even if its 5 mins of total noise. hope that made sense.

Today after leaving her and coming back she went on a chewing mission (I was doing my washing so I had no choice I had to be gone for around 10-15 min (washing machines are outside).

2. how many times a day should I leave and come back and at what intervals
example try it every hour every day etc.

Any help please post I'm not being lazy I've read up on this but sort of need a helping hand I really want to get this right from the start. I mean she's only been with me 2 day so maybe I'm asking to much of her.

If maybe someone can sort of talk me through a said I looked after a dog with this problem before and god knows how that dog is doing...long post sorry just paranoid maybe.

Many thanks Jim any help truly apprecaited.
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