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Old 05-07-2009, 04:55 PM
aussiemyf7 aussiemyf7 is offline
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Default Please, please, please pray for Roly.

Yes, its long, but you need to read.

I finished dinner at my parents house last night and called Roly over to have some leftovers at about 7:40.
I looked over at him, and he was shaking all over his body, it looked like he was really excited. I called him again and he didnt come over. He was concious, looking around, wagging his tail.
I went over to him and picked him up and I shocked at how much he was shaking, it was like his whole body was having a spasm. Of course I freaked out, I put him on the ground and put the food down. He gobbled it as usual, still spasming.
He finished it and I called him over to me, to get a look at how me moved, he was moving as if he had gone blind, he was bumping into things, and couldnt seem to find me, his tail was between his legs, still shaking like mad.
Now at the sight of this, i started to cry.
My mother called the vet, and they said it may be passing.
I sat on the couch, his little body spasms getting worse, his back legs now keep skidding out from under him.
We called back the vet after 20 minutes and he said bring him in.
I couldnt drive, I was in too much of a state, I couldnt see my poor baby the way he was.
I was sitting in the car and he was getting worse, arching his back, kicking his legs, holding him close to my body wasnt stopping the movements.
We got to the vet, always getting worse, he can no longer stand.
The vet gave him an injection to calm his muscles, it calmed his stomach aswell and he vomited up all his dinner.
I had to leave the room, still sobbing.
I heard the vet mention to my mum, do you have any snail bait around the house? My mothers answered no.
He put Roly on a drip and went to call another vet.
By now, my little angel was being affected by the drugs, he was laying still on his side, ears, eyes and small muscles still twitching but not as bad, drool starting to slide out of his mouth.
I re-entered.
I hugged and kissed him 1 million times before the vet came back and told me what was going on.
'It looks like he's eaten snail bait, he needs his stomach flushed out, I'll stay here with him for another 2 hours then call you, there is a chance he wont make it through the night, Ill give you a minute'
A hundred thousand love messages entered his ears, a million kisses were placed on his limp little head.
We then left Roly, laying so still on that table, eyes cold, a small puddle of drool around his mouth.
2 hours later, the vet called, he flushed him out, but there was nothing there.
Mum asked if that was a good thing, he replied with it could be going through his intestines still, sometimes the poison doesnt affect them till 6 hours later.
He said he'd call back in the morning, and tell us if he made it.
I stayed at my parents, and cried myself to sleep.
Im waiting on the 10:30 call this morning..

We have no bait at all around my house, and my mum is a complete greeney and against using any kind of herbicides/pesticides.
I asked if it could have been mouse bait, but he wasnt having any mouse bait poisoning symptons.

At my vet, I have never seen anything like this.
Please hope and pray and keep my 10 year old boy in your thoughts, he needs them...

Thankyou for reading..
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