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Old 04-11-2004, 07:31 AM
Vandalf Vandalf is offline
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Default insecure...

Good day to all of you doglovers!
Myself, I must admit, I'm a little intimidated every time a dog comes to close, but I would like to say I'm working on it!
So, to my problem... Of course it's related to a woman, as so many problems often are, and this woman just happens to be the woman I want to marry.
I've been afraid of dogs since I was bitten as a child, but my girl wants a dog so bad, that I would like to get cured. (will be hard though, I'm sweating just writing this!)
So this is my main problem, I need a dog that is calm and friendly. I suppose this is done primarily by training, but I hope there is a kind of dog that will be easier to train to be calm than others? I know very little about dogs, as you probably already have understood, but that is where I need some help, to choose the right dog, because I've sort of made up my mind! She is going to get a puppy when we move into a house, about a year from now... Phew, there, it's official!
Also, if the dog does not lose to much hair, as her mother is somewhat sensitive to hairs. (Even so, my fiancée want to keep it indoors...)
And, if it is possible to take it into the mountains, and perhaps, when I'm used to the dog, even take it out hunting? We are both so fond of the mountains, and, living in Norway, we have lots of opportunities to visit them!
Finally, for my own case, I'd prefer a dog that wasn't white or black, as these are the colors I sort of remember from my trauma, but these aren't the most important thing... Oh, and Norway may be rather cold and snowy sometimes, but also rather warm in summertime, if this matter any?
I realise I might have stepped over some lines asking dumb questions in this magnificent forum, but hey, somewhere one's got to start, right? This is a very embarrasing topic to me, and I spend a lot of time trying to get over the edge and feel comfortable around dogs, but I think the only efficient cure is to acctually own one... (I know one who did just that, you see...)
Well, I hope that some of you friendly people would be able to help me get started, and perhaps recommend a...what do you say? race? that could suit me and my girl!
She is very used to dogs, as she owned one when younger...

I'd appreciate any help!
On beforehand, thanks!

a-little-afraid-of-dogs norwegian boy...
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Old 04-11-2004, 11:54 AM
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chazhound chazhound is offline
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Hi Vandolf,
Welcome to Chazhound Dog Forums!

There are many many breeds of puppy dogs that you and your girl would enjoy. I am not quite sure of the climate and dogs in NL but I am sure someone will be able to give some insight as to what dog would fit your need.
Of course, we are always here too as you raise your new dog.
You will learn that most dogs never bite their master but rather live to please them.

Thanks much for visiting and stay tune for suggestions,
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Old 04-11-2004, 03:29 PM
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Oh, Vandolf, your fiancee is very lucky. Not many men would be willing to admit to being afraid of dogs, and you are not only facing the fear, but working on leaving it behind you just to make her happy.

What kind of hunting do you want to do with a dog? If it weren't that you would like to hunt with your dog, I would suggest going to a very good breeder of WORKING German Shepherds and exploring the possibility of a German Shepherd puppy. You have access to some very good Shepherds in Europe. The working bred Shepherds tend to be calm, very understanding dogs who are unswervably loyal and gentle to their masters. They are excellent house dogs. They do need exercise, but in a moderate amount, and they are readily obedient. A good Doberman also has these qualities, with perhaps a need for more vigorous exercise. The only real drawback to these dogs for you is that they are not hunters. They will be happy to accompany you, and may even learn to assist you in some ways, but it is not an inborn, instinctual behaviour for them.

There are other working breeds that others here have experience with, like the Belgian Tervuren (not sure I've spelled that exactly right), and they can give you an idea of what living with those breeds is like.

I've had German Shepherds since I was twelve, and they've always amazed me with their instinctive gentleness around people who are afraid. I have a cousin who was afraid of everything when he was a kid. The German Shepherd I had at the time made it a point to stand quietly with him, and would walk be
side him, letting the child rest a hand on his shoulder. Another one of my dogs was an animal therapist, visiting abused children and women at a shelter.

Please remember, there's no such thing as a dumb question. There are sometimes stupid answers, to be sure!

I believe you will lose your fear of your own dog very quickly - the first time you look into those soulful puppy eyes you will lose your heart and there will be no room for fear.

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