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Old 04-17-2009, 05:54 PM
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Default Apollo: One Jealous Dog

Apollo was a very jealous dog. In our household, she was always the center of attention. She had no problems with dog when they were outside, but when they were in our house, Apollo felt threatened. It first started with a stuffed toy alligator that we called Wally Gator. I would pick up Wally Gator and talk to it like I would talk to Apollo. I would praise it, pet it and hug it. Apollo would start barking. I know she barked because she was jealous. I would put Wally Gator on the floor and Apollo would attack it letting it know she was the main dog in this household.
One time, my sister Mary brought her dog over to our house. Mary's dog was a sweet dog. Mary's dog was sweeter than Apollo. Anyway, Apollo had this confused look on her face which seems to say: "What are you doing here"? When Mary's dog started eating Apollo's food, Apollo had a look that seemed to say: "What do you think you are doing? That is my dog food you are eating". Finally, Apollo thought everybody's was paying attention to Mary's dog and none to her. The way Apollo began to walk around the house seemed to me that her body language was telling me that she was depressed. I could not stand to see Apollo this way so I had to cheer her up. I asked Apollo if she wanted to go outside. Apollo got so excited that her body language seems to say to Mary’s dog: "Ha ha”! I am going outside and you are not". Taking Apollo outside cheered her up. When we got back home, Mary and her dog were gone and once more, Apollo was the center of attention.
Another time Mary brought her dog over to the house. This time Apollo was not walking around depressed. She was downright angry. Apollo's body language seems to say: "One false move and you had hit. Mary's dog went into my grandmother's bedroom where Apollo had her cornered. Apollo was watching her from underneath the bed. Every time Mary's dog tried to leave the room, Apollo would cut her off sending my sister's dog back to the corner of the room. I finally had to get Apollo out of there so Mary's dog could come out of the bedroom. Once separated, everything seemed to be going well. Apollo just ignored my sister's dog. Mary's dog was one of the friendliest dogs I ever met. All she wanted was attention and to be petted. This was evident when she jumped onto my bed and lay down next to me. I did not mind it, but Apollo seethed with anger. She jumped onto my bed, poised to strike. I had to hold onto Apollo while Mary took her dog out of there. While she was doing this, Apollo tried to go after her, but I was holding her tight. I was afraid what Apollo might do to my sister's dog. I never saw her like that before. I really felt sorry for Mary's dog. She just wanted some attention. But unfortunately for her, Apollo was not willing to share me with anybody.

APOLLO 1973-1991
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