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Old 04-17-2009, 12:15 AM
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Question Joint Heath Supplements for the Agility Dog

So my dog is a 3 year old Black Lab and we have been doing agility for I think 2 years now along with disc and rally!
I got him from a rescue so I dont know his parents health and he hasnt shown any signs of discomfort after any activites I just worry about things down the road and was wondering if a joint heath supplement might help keep wear and tear down, I want to do everything I can so he can live a long happy, healthy life.
Also what are some good brands because this is very new to me I dont know what I would look for in a quality one.
He eats Innova EVO dog food.

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Old 04-17-2009, 12:34 AM
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I use a joint supplement only when competing/training hard. During the winter when we have more down time and only a few events I don't have him on it.

I also use Salmon Oil as it is natural anti-inflamatory. I also take any dog that I am competing with for routine wellness exams from my vet/chiropractor and if she finds a problem starting she does an adjustment. Then we go back as often as we need to solve the problem. But typically he has an appointment once a month or every six weeks, depends on how much we are competing.

The other thing I do, is once a year, usually in January, we do x-rays of the shoulders, spine, hips and his feet (alot of performace dogs have feet problems). At nines of age, he is showing no signs of wear and tear anywhere and I have been competing with him in agility, jrt racing, lure coursing etc since he was a year old.
In 2007 I did see him struggle a couple of times on the A Frame, so in 2008 I dropped him down a height for the frame and now compete in Specials with him. It may have been from a lack of conditioning on him as I was very ill and not able to condition him properly but I didn't want to take the chance in 2008 because at that time I was still limited as to how much conditioning I could give him.
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Old 04-17-2009, 07:12 AM
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I put all my large breed dogs on a good glucosamine supplement to prevent cartridge damage down the road. I have 2 dogs with joint problems (HD, ED, Ruptured ACL) which I give therapeutic dosages to. The other dogs with no health issues I give them enough but not daily. I give my dogs nutri aid GCM as it contains all the components I look for in a good glucosamine supplement Gluc/Chron/MSM/Vit C/Magn etc. Plus it's economical when you have 5 dogs on it Fish body oil is fine to give as well, just make sure you give vitamin E (natural form with all the proper 8 components not just the one) as fish body oil (most oils) deplete the vitamin E stores. What I do for my dogs is just give them canned sockeye salmon (rinse the salt off), steamed wild Alaskan salmon, or sardines a few times a week, this way they are getting the benefits of the entire fish not just the oils.

It also doesn't hurt to give turmeric and ginger root a few times a week, not only are these anti inflammatory but they have many health benefits which are excellent, I give my dogs with joint issues these 2 herbs daily the ones without any issues I give a few times a week. I also get turmeric and ginger root into my diet as much as possible as well
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