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Old 04-12-2009, 01:49 PM
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Default Watering down breeds...

Thought this might be interesting. So what is your opinion of making dog breeds more ''acceptable'' in today's society.

In my opinion, I disagree with it. There are certain breeds that I will not own because I don't want to deal with certain issues. A Akita for example. They are dogs who need more socialization with people and animals than other breeds. Even then, they can still be quite aloof to strangers. Their size coupled with their rather independent and protective nature made me realize they are a breed I am not particularly interested in owning. A lot of people are not fit to own an Akita. The Akita is also a breed that has a bit of a bad rap due to the fact that people took more than they could chew. Some breeders are trying to make this breed more loving and acceptable to strangers, lessen that protective instinct, make them more of an ''everybody'' dog. That I just can't agree with. Akita's are not for everyone. Potential owners of this breed need to accept the full responsibility of the true Akita. If you want a more stranger loving dog, there are plenty of other breeds that fit that description.

Patterdales are another breed that are not for everyone. They have a high prey drive, game, full of spunk and energy, tenacity and can be an overall handful. The breeders of this breed want to keep them just as they are because that combination makes them a great working terrier. They are definitely not a dog for people who want just a common house pet because these dogs need to have a job. Some people want to own a Patterdale but that they don't want to deal with the traits that go with them. Basically, they want to have the look of a Patterdale but the personalty of a toy poodle. Want them to be a house pet rather than a working terrier.

I believe that this just ruins the breed because all you have now is just a shell of what they once were, and I want to preserve that instinctual ability. That is my opinion anyway.

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