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Old 04-11-2009, 01:43 PM
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I used to take mine to a groomer, before I started grooming at home.

Where do you live, state wise?


What type of dog/breed do you own?

1 shih tzu, 1 shih tzu/pekignese mix, 1 schnauzer/whippet/greyhound mix

What do you get done? Is it just a bath, or is their scissoring/style done?


If it is scissoring/style, what gets done. Is it scissoring/style or is it just a shave?

It's a shave. I used to have Jake shaved down completely, #7 on the body (except the tail), #5 on the head and face.

What do you get charged? I know this might be a bit personal but it would help me know the average price per state.

It was $35 for regular clients, but mine was $25 for rescue dogs.

Are you happy with your groomer?

Highly unhappy, and uneasy, which is why I began grooming at home. My groomer showed standard poodles and was very obsessed with "breed specific" clips. She used to get irked that I would dare shave down my shih tzu (Jake), even though it was vet recommended for specific health reasons (he has 4 heart conditions, and the vet said shave him very short so he doesn't get overheated. He has CHF and has a hard time breathing in the summer).

I also picked Jake up one day and he was limping for no apparant reason, and another time I picked him up, and his entire stomach and inside of his legs are burnt and blistered, yet they never said a word to me, and I only discovered it when I got home. I went off like a bomb to them, and never went back.

I know some of you groom your own dogs at home. Can you tell me why, is it because of cost, bonding with your dogs or any other reason.

I groom my guys at home, because I feel better knowing they are safe. I just felt too uneasy leaving my dogs at a groomer, not knowing 100% sure how they were being treated, especially after the bad experiences with Jake. Working at a groomer about a year ago, I watched how they were just so wonderful to the clients to their faces, but were so rough with the dogs in the back once they were back there. Including yelling at them in their faces, and pounding on the kennels, when they barked, and being rough to them when they were on the table. My guys are all rescues, and two are extremely skittish and scared of noises and things like that. The other has severe arthritis and a bad heart. So I felt more comfortable grooming them at home, as opposed to leaving them at a groomer where I couldn't watch what went on back there when I was gone. My guys are more comfortable too, as I had one groomer complain that Jake (my shih tzu with the very bad heart problems and arthritis) was rowdy and "bad" during being groomed, and even charged me an extra "groomer difficulty" fee. Yet, I've groomed him several times at home since, and he sits quietly and patiently throughout the entire process, never budging or saying a word. So I was suspicious, to say the least.
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