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Old 04-08-2009, 08:39 PM
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Default HELP! Puppy Parkinson's??

My 6 month old puppy has been disoriented and stumbling around for the last 4 days and I've taken her to the vet almost every day and they are finally doing blood tests but I don't have a lot of faith in them. Here's how it worked..

Sunday, we noticed she was dizzy looking. When she stood still she would sway back and forth. Thought it was weird but it was 11pm and thought we would sleep on it. Also, she ate our friend's dog's food. It was for adult dogs but she gobbled a handful up before we could catch her. We figured she might have a tummy ache but it didn't make sense for her to be dizzy...

Sunday night she threw up all her dinner in the middle of the night.

Monday we didn't notice anything too crazy. We went to the vet to pick up her papers to travel (we're moving back from Argentina to the US) and while she was a bit dizzy still, we figured her tummy was just upset from the strange dog food she ate the night before.

Tuesday morning she was dizzy looking again but there wasn't a big difference in her energy level. She just looked drunk. She threw up mid-day but seemed to walk away from it just fine...She still had an appetite and everything. Tuesday night at 9:45 she tried to get up from a nap, seized up and fell over. She tried to stand up but her legs gave out and it looked like the whole left side of her was STIFF. I immediately picked her little 8 lb stiff body and went straight to the vet. By the time we got there (less than 15 min) she was totally back to normal (still a bit dizzy but barking, playing, etc) and the vet just told me to give her these tranquilizer drops so she would sleep.

Wed morning she woke up literally walking sideways. We thought it was from the tranquilizer drops because the doc said they would make her drunk feeling but once 10 hours had passed since giving the meds...then 15...then 20..and she was still walking around looking drunk and shaking her head like she had Parkinson's disease, I gave her honey thinking she might have low blood sugar (no change), I put her sweater on (no change), and finally brought her to the vet again. (Keep in mind, she is still playful and silly for the most part). OOH and I forgot to mention, about 4 hrs after I fed her breakfast, she threw up. She still had an appetite though! I gave her a little chicken for lunch and she was ecstatic.

At the vet they said they didn't think it was epilepsy because her pupils got small when they shined the light on them. I guess they stay dilated when a dog has epilepsy..I don't know. They took blood and I should get test results on Friday but I'm hoping someone might shed some light on the situation sooner.

I'm SOOO scared for my baby!!! I'm supposed to fly her home to Chicago in 9 days! Anybody, Help!!

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Old 04-08-2009, 09:58 PM
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Could this be canine distemper? I know it can affect the nervous system but a vet should have known if that was it. Your puppy is adorable, I hope you can figure this out!

I found a site that explains canine distemper. I dont know a whole lot about it, but my friend had a mal puppy that got it years ago and they said she had trouble walking like this. heres the site Canine Distemper In Dogs

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Old 04-08-2009, 11:07 PM
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This sounds similar to what Laurelin's Hiro went through, but I could be off base there as it was some time ago and my memory sucks...

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