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Old 03-26-2009, 02:25 PM
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When I took Apollo out for a walk, I never used a leash. I felt I did not have to because Apollo always stuck close to me whenever we went for a walk. My ignorance almost cost Apollo her life.
When Apollo was about four months old, I took her out for a walk when she saw a dog across the street. Apollo immediately ran toward the other dog. As she crossed the street, Apollo was hit by a car. She started barking like she was in pain. While she was barking, Apollo ran right past me, crossing another street and almost getting hit by another car. As far as I could see, Apollo ran straight ahead non stop. I was in a state of panic and I was unsure what to do next. Fortunately, somebody I knew saw the whole incident happened and he offered to help me find Apollo. We followed her trail down to the river. I was about ready to give up when my friend noticed tracks across the frozen river. We drove to the other side of the river where her tracks ended. I called out her name and she came out of the bushes with her mouth bleeding slightly. Tears swelled in my eyes as I picked her up and carried her back to the car.
When we arrived at my house, I thanked my friend. I carried Apollo up to my bedroom and put her on my bed. I put a blanket on her because somehow I knew she would go into shock. When I thought she was asleep, I went into the living room to watch television with my grandfather. Almost immediately, Apollo followed me into the living room. She did not want to be left alone without me. I took Apollo back into my bedroom and stayed with her all night. The next day she felt better, but her jaw was still sore.
It turned out that accident had some temporary effects. For the next month or so, Apollo was present at a few accidents. When my brother took Apollo for a walk, there was a car accident right in front of them. Apollo tried to run back home. I had Apollo outside around the house. There was a car collision right in front of our house. Apollo immediately ran upstairs and hid underneath the bed. Another time, I took Apollo out for a walk. She did not want to go. But I made her come with me. When we got about six blocks away from home, Apollo saw another dog get hit by a car. Apollo immediately pulled on the leash trying to go home. She pulled so hard on the chain leash, she broke it. When that happened she ran nonstop toward where we lived. I ran all the way home. When I got there, Apollo was in the back yard. After this epsiode it was impossible to take Apollo for a walk. When I would let her outside, Apollo would do her business and run back into the house. It took about a month before Apollo felt comfortable going out for a walk again. But she learned her lesson. For the next 18 years, when I took Apollo out for a walk, she ignored every dog we came across.
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