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Old 08-30-2005, 08:29 PM
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My grandma had to have a service dog, and at the time she had a pit bull that was only 2 years old. They trained her dog to be one because she didn't want any other dog, and he was the most the loyal loving dog I've ever met. I just want to punch the people that thought up this idea. What will they do when they realize every breed is the same, it's the people that do it to the dogs? GRRR!!! This is really pisses me off!
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Old 08-30-2005, 10:57 PM
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I am currently Living in ontario and I can't believe this. I wrote an opinion to the newspaper and my last line was "the government is only doing this because it is a quick fix and an easy answer NOT because it's whats best for the citizens."

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Old 08-31-2005, 11:40 AM
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What will they do when they realize every breed is the same, it's the people that do it to the dogs?
Normally I stay away from these topics I just wanted to address this quote by stating that NO all breeds are definately NOT the same. To explain this is to explain how breeds of dogs were created; a breed or group of dogs have been bred for specific motor patterns, enhanced drives and behavioral conformation. If I were to say an APBT is the same as a Lab and has the same drives I would definately be showing a huge lack of knowledge. All of our Purebred dogs come from Mongrels of just plain races of dogs...these races of non purebred dogs had normal basic motor patterns and saw some dogs that displayed perhaps a slightly more enhanced motor pattern over another dog and perhaps bred that so on and so forth. So, then they have created a group of dogs perfect for the job they wanted...for example a sheep herding dog would have the motor pattern sequence like this: EYE STALK> CHASE> GRAB-BITE...a Terrier, cattle droving breed would have a motor pattern like this: EYE STALK> CHASE >GRAB BITE>KILL BITE>DISSECT (MAUL)...this is why you would have more instances of a dog with the full series of motor patterns ending up killing the object of pursuit over a breed without the full series of motor patterns that may only end up biting the object of pursuit. Retrievers motor Patterns would look like: EYE STALK>GRAB-BITE.

I just wanted to go over this, I am completely against breed specific bans...but, I also do believe in education. There is a big difference between different breed groups and specific breeds..this is why they were created in the first place to perform a job and do it has enhanced, selected for, deselected for certain motor patterns to do this. There is also the concern of dogs with the full series of motor patterns going into predatory drift...remember predatory drift and prey drive are why people get killed by dogs in mauling deaths. I have seen the sweetest APBT's, Rottweilers, other Terriers go into predatory drift over different objects from cats to children. Predatory attacks are the most alarming as the dog can be the sweetest most lovable dog which is non human aggressive...predatory drift has nothing to do with human aggression...just mistaken identity or improper socialization. You do need to take extra time and care to socialize some breeds over others, you do need to know what the dog was bred for. If more people understood this then perhaps there wouldn't be such an urgent need to ban breeds. Not all dogs within a breed group are going to have the level of enhanced motor patterns they were orginally bred for, but, the chance of them have the enhanced patters are there.

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