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Old 02-24-2009, 01:52 AM
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Talking Does anybody want to check out my raw order?

This is really kind of a just for funnish thread to help me keep my thoughts in order, and perhaps gain a little more insight into the raw diet. If you'd like to read along or comment on aannyything, please do!

So, Happy recently started on raw this week(switching from Wellness Core), and I am still in the process of trying to straighten things out. I haven't figured out any 'models' I feel comfortable with necessarily(at least not on purpose) but so far, we are doing this carnivore style(no veggies!/not barf) and have started with quartered chickens.

Right now Happy weighs in at about 70lbs. I'm actually a bit afraid he's overweight- he's supposedly a border-collie/aussie mix, and I feel like this is too heavy for those breeds and possibly his stature. However, we have shaved him before(at 65lbs.), and he didn't really appear overweight. He wasn't lean though- really just walking the line. Just as well, two or so vets didn't see him as overweight, and he does have a visible waist from above. At any rate, I think he could stand to lose a little(ha). So, 2% of Hap's 'ideal' weight(60 lbs.) is 1.2

I'm hoping to be able to configure something that will be of equal or lesser value in price to feeding kibble. Ideally, I would like to find a source that accepts food stamps. Conveniently, I forget what I paid for kibble monthly. Something like two or three 12-15 lbs. bags a month, roughly? Ah well.

Tomorrow I will be ordering from Willamette Valley Meats.
This items of interest for this week are:

Beef K9 Grind(hearts+green tripe+gullet)/@5lbs./$1.559per lb.
Chicken backs/@20lbs./$0.629per lb.
Chicken Boneless-Skinless thigh/@10lbs./$1.499per lb.
Ground Turkey/@12lbs./$1.129per lb.
Rabbit(whole, gutted, skinned)/@2lbs./$2.989

It looks like the order I'm placing is going to be something like-
Five pounds of K9 Grind($7.80)
Twelve pounds of Ground Turkey($13.60)
Twenty pounds of Chicken Backs($12.58)
Ten pounds of Bnls/Sknls Chicken Thighs(14.99)

Narrowed down:
Five pounds of "K9 Grind"($7.80)
Twelve pounds of Ground Turkey($27.20)
Twenty pounds of Chicken Backs($12.58)
Total: $47.58!

This broken down is;
.96lbs. of Ground Turkey per day.
.12lbs. of "K9 Grind" per day.
.12lbs. of Chicken Backs per day.

Looks like I'll have to find another primary meat source. Both the backs and the grind at the rate they're being consumed will last longer than a month, but that amount of turkey wouldn't even last a month, and for the price it's at, I need to look a little harder.

So, that's what I've explored so far. {:

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Old 02-24-2009, 03:21 AM
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However, after a little reading, I've read that chicken backs can be a primary source(?). If so, chances are I will buy 30lbs. of Chicken Backs($18.87) and 5lbs. of "K9 Grind"(7.80), which would bring my total to a 26.67. And that is do-able. Hopefully it would be okay straightish for the first month, if the Grind is included, with perhaps a day a week of muscle meat to supplement.

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