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Old 04-05-2004, 07:02 PM
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Default housebreaking and kennel size?

hello y'all......

this is my first post on this msg board!!

i have a Red Heeler female puppy who is going to be 6months old in 2 days....
she has a kennel but we really havent been using it.... we should be

our pup still keeps pooping and peeing in the bsmnt and getting into stuff when we're not home...... she is getting close to going outside more often but still has accidents during the day and at night when we sleep..... after readuing some stuff i have come up with some ideas....
- first, we should not be letting her run free during the day when we are not home... donagerous for her
- we r going to start kenneling her during the day now when we r at work.... her kennel is quite large and when she was a pup she would make a "mess" in the kennel. this is the reason we stopped using the kennel..... we would have to bath the poop off of her. i've heard that it was because the kennel was too large for her and because she was still young..... i should've divided the cage...... today i was home sick so i took the opportunity to put her in the kennel and listen to her reactions.... she was suprisingly quiet... with a few yelps here and ther.... i also put a cooler in there to decerease the size of the kennel.... thinking the smaller size will keep her from "messing" it up... it was enugh room for her to turn around and lay down... but not really stretch out.... she did not "mess" it.... and when i put her out on the new chain we have in the yard (she jumps the fence too much and is gonna get stolen or hit by a car) she had a pee.... i raved and gave her a treat...she looked embarrased....... so im gonna kennel her during the day to help with the accidents and gonna try and kennel her at night....

here's my plans.....
- thinking of moving kennel into kitchen in her 'spot' now with her mat so it, hopefully, becomes less threatening..... it's in the bsmnt and im thinking that at night she may be less likely to whine and close enough for me to say 'shush.... its ok...'.....
- what is the best size for a kennel and how to prevent them from "messing" in it?
- if we kennel her at night she is most likely to whine..... any suggestions on making her comfortable?
- keeping the kennel in the kitchen with the door open will hopefully make her more comfortable with it and see it as place of refuge..... good idea?.... how do i re-enforce this?
- will i need to kennel her every night once she is better trained and older?
- am i going to have major troubles considering hse is 6months and hyper? i walk her soon as i get home and then shes out on the rope for a bit....

lots of questions..... sheesh!!

thanks all!!

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