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Old 11-29-2008, 09:08 PM
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Default Eddie's Story

I posted this on another forum around my Lab, Eddie's, 2nd birthday. It tells the story of how I came to find him and just what this dog means to me. I thought I share it here as well to help others get to know him as well considering I'm a new member. It's been edited a bit because of the references of the other forum it was originally posted on.

When I found Eddie, it was in the middle of was January. I was sitting at my desk in the computer room and I heard this tiny muffled bark. I went to the door to investigate and I saw this little black puppy trying to wedge himself between the plant stand outside our door and the house. I went back inside and told my boyfriend that there is a little black puppy outside. We both went back outside and brought him in the house with us. We called several of our neighbors and our local shelter. We had no luck finding his owners. I knew that he'd been dumped anyway because we get that a lot where I live. I was just going through the motions of trying. I swear, Eddie was an awful puppy. He had no bite inhibition whatsoever. I was a walking bruise for months. He destroyed anything that came near him, he was the hardest dog to house train. Everything was difficult with this dog. So that is the beginning of the story and this continues it...

"I had this newly found puppy that was ripping my house to shreds. I had basically everyone I know telling me to take him to the pound...that he wasn't worth the stress and the trouble. However, when I first laid eyes on him...I felt a connection to him that is beyond description. I looked at him and it felt like he was already mine. That is the only way I can describe it. I've never felt anything like that before or since. Before he showed up, my boyfriend and I were looking to get another dog...a Lab at that. Then appears this little black seemed like fate. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was MEANT to have this dog. That first night, I basically slept on the kitchen floor with him curled in my lap. He wouldn't budge from it. Every time I attempted to move, he would instantly wake up and look fearful. So I stayed on the kitchen floor with him. He made me so happy and he broke my heart at the same time. I knew he was abandoned. Someone dumped out this little puppy in the middle of winter to fend for himself. I was so...angry and disgusted but now as bad as it may sound...I'm grateful. I'm lucky to have him. It's their loss. Eddie and I had a rough start. However, I was determined to make it work...there was NO other alternative. I was going to help turn him into a decent well behaved dog or die trying. I almost ended my long term relationship with my boyfriend concerning Eddie because he wanted to take him to the pound. In this circumstance, Eddie came first. I was THAT determined. It was a lot of work.

So if I could tell Eddie exactly how I feel...

Everything I've learned about dogs in the last 2 years has been because of you. It's made me a better dog owner. YOU have made me a better dog owner. I've made plenty of mistakes...too many to name. I still make mistakes. In all honesty, nothing is as important to me as you and Uallis. To some, that may sound sad or as something not "worthy" of feeling such strong emotion toward...but to me, I feel very lucky because there is nothing more beautiful than the innocence and purity of the both of you. To you in particular...your love of LIFE is admirable and I think that everyone should take a lesson from that. I know that I have. You look at a bird flying in the sky as a thing of wonder. Before I didn't I do. I forgot the joy of playing in the rain but because you, I remembered. Muddy pawprints on my clothes isn't the end of the me its a sign of your love and your excitement of seeing me come home. I look forward to that excitement everyday. I smile over it when the day is hard and I don't feel like I want to keep going. I've learned so much from you and because of you. I have patience now when I didn't have much before. I know that good things will happen if I just keep going. I did that with you. I just kept going and kept working...KNOWING in my heart of hearts that everything would work out. I don't give up on things that are important when I did before. I learned that because of you. When we decided that we wanted to get you a brother...I was more than a little worried. I was afraid of how you'd react not being the center of attention anymore. You played "the big brother" to the hilt, showing Uallis the ropes. You were nothing but gentle with him while he was a little puppy. I was so proud. But not as proud of you as I am today. I look at you and wonder..."What happened to that little 4 legged demon that showed up at my door?" I can't believe that you are the same dog. You may not be the best behaved dog in the world...most would actually say that you weren't well behaved at all...but too me...your perfect. Your exactly what I hoped you'd be. So what I want to say to Thank You for finding your way to me 2 years ago and being in my life. It changed my life in more ways than one. I've never given up on you and I never will. I want nothing more than to give you a wonderful life. You deserve nothing less.

I love you, Bud."

And this is the remix that I made him for his birthday. It has several pictures of our life together over the last 2 years. So its "Eddie" in a nutshell. lol

Hope everyone enjoys it!
Uallis, English Mastiff
Eddie, Labrador Retriever
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