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Old 09-12-2008, 03:16 AM
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Default King:Never predictable!

Since I got hurt, and King began jumping the fence, his time outside had dropped drastically. The kid next door isn't able to take him for a long enough walk (An hour, minimum, is what he needs), so I started thinking about doggy day care again. The last time was a total disaster, and I honestly thought he would act the same way as both times I tried it before, jumping, chewing, and basically harrassing some poor dog to the breaking point, and the fight is on.

Since I have a weird schedule, Half days were the most he would stay, a couple days a week. I took him in for his "tryout", and he did fine! I watched him on the webcam, and he seemed oddly "laid back", the only normal action was he peed constantly. They said he was "perfect", so back he went on Monday, and he mostly spent time by himself, patroling the grounds, and, of course, peeing constantly. Amazing capacity, as he really "lays it down", over and over again, and doesn't drink much at all. The people working there were surprised when I told them he would be 10 in December, they thought he was a lot younger.

His lack of insanity worried me in a way. Had he finally "gotten old"? Was there something wrong? Apparently not, as he went ballistic a couple hours after he came home, and acted as insane as ever. At this point, I feared he would come back to life at the day care place, and everything was going to go to hell real quick.

Well, he went two more times, and had no problems. I didn't watch him too much those times, but he supposedly did actually play with a couple of the dogs there, and was very calm and relaxed. He's going back on Sat and Mon. Molly is going on a tryout on Sat, and maybe she will do ok too!

I never really expected him to make it, I should have known, he's never predictable, that's for sure.
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