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Old 09-03-2008, 09:24 AM
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I'm very glad to see that you came back here. Most of us on this forum truely want to help you, that's why we take the time out of our day to come and write sometimes long replies and advice.

Originally Posted by msbsgblue View Post
SECOND - Someone said was it wise to get a puppy. Certainly, why not?
What they meant by that was, maybe it would've been more practical to get an adult dog who doesn't need the huge amount of socialization and doesn't have the energy of a puppy.

Originally Posted by msbsgblue View Post
THIRD - SOMEONE ASK ABOUT PLAY. We spend hours with her a day. We play ball with her, she loves to fetch anything, she is already learning to sit, stay. She has interactive dog toys etc. She is really a very happy puppy. We will be going to puppy socialization classes on Sunday afternoons for a while, and then later to loose leash walking classes, and after that to puppy training.
I'm so happy to hear that you're getting her into training classes. Yay for you!

Originally Posted by msbsgblue View Post
FOURTH - RELIABILTY - It may be hard for some to visualize that this tiny puppy now 13 weeks old and 1 1/2 pounds could suddenly just "Get it".
I think it is hard for you to visualize that we KNOW what a 13 week old, 1 1/2 pound puppy looks like. I have worked with tiny chihuahuas and poodles in training classes, as have many here, and many here have also worked with them in other places like vet clinics.

I am very happy that she's completely potty trained, there are many jealous puppy owners reading this right now!

Originally Posted by msbsgblue View Post
I doubt she will want to be out in it much alone. My first tiny toy was like that years ago. In fact, she was so particular that she did not like getting her feet dirty. She wanted out and right back in not that I made her do that. This one is now taking on those characteristics. These very tiny babies are mostly this way.
Dogs get cues from humans - what they like, what they're scared of, can most of the time be taken from how their humans feel about the situation. If you don't like being outside, your puppy will pick up on that and she will probably not like being outside either. The problem is, at this age she needs an extremely large amount of new experiences - she needs to be able to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of being outside to develop the way she needs to. That is why we're stressing how important it is to let her go outside and play, it's very different than playing inside.
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