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Old 08-18-2008, 10:46 PM
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Default Evil Demon Pictures

Yes, that's their new nickname.

Today they had their first unsupervised afternoon in 'their' room, which will be where they are kept when they are older and I can't supervise them so they can have the run of the house. We've been having visits down their for almost a week now, and while it's kitten proofed, I was a little worried, but they did fine! I apologize about the mess the floor is - my dad tracked sawdust ALL over it and I keep forgetting to clean it up, but I don't want to spook the kittens yet by bringing a broom out while they're in there.

Middie and I went down there to give the kittens more food and take some pics.

Fiona greets Middie

Fi staring out the window. You can't see him, but in this one Middie was standing over her, going "HI HI HI!!! WANNA PLAY? PLAY KITTY PLAY? PLEASE? I LOVE YOU!"

"HI KITTEEZ! I wanna play, too, no fair!"

"Food-lady says I should lie down if I want to play with kitten, so I lies down. Stop playing with strap. Play with me." *uses doggy mind-rays to convince kitten to play with him*

He was great with them - the only problem I have is that he is 40 times their size and wants to play bitey-face and paw-smack with them, and that is not okay - he's nowhere near gentle enough for it, and even if he was, I'm just not comfortable with them being that close to a mouthful of knives when they often sound like squeaky toys. I just tell him to sit or down and we take breaks if he's getting too excited.

We had one incident today, which involves Nolan play-biting him, and him getting so overexcited that "THE KITTY IS PLAYING WITH MEEE" and slapping him with a paw. I intervened, took Middie upstairs for a time-out, and checked on the little Drama King who was milking it for all he was worth, squinting and limping, and generally acting pathetic. He stopped when I picked him up, held his head in my hands, opened his eyes and closely examined them. LOL! I guess he figured getting Special Treatment wasn't worth being manhandled, and before I examined his paw gave up all pretenses of injuries and started playing with the other kittens.
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