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Old 08-14-2008, 07:56 PM
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Default Why would a dog jump on another dog in a pond?

OK, so I was at the dog park today (mistake - I went to one I never go to because it is WAY too small, one I usually go to usually has zero people in it) and got confrontational with a couple and their ill mannered Malamute.

I was throwing a ball into the pond for mine to fetch since she loves the water and then, BAM, stupid dog jumps into the pond and right on top of mine. This dog is probably 70lbs, mine is 40. The first time I thought it may have been an accident since some dogs get overzealous with toys in the pond. The second time it happened, I just lost it. I went over and told them that every time he jumps on mine he is giving my dog a bad experience and making it that much more likely that she will never want to step foot in a pond with other dogs around. They told me that "he's a puppy; 6 months old and he's just playing". I repeated what I said before and then idiot gets, literally, 4" from my face and tells me that she "comes here 5 days a week and you can just LEAVE!" OK, so I've established that she owns the park now.

At that point I really lost it and told her to pull her head out of her a$$ and read a freakin' book. Heck, get some COMMON SENSE. Her "playing puppy" could seriously injure my dog. After that I went to the empty small dog side so my dogs could get in some swim time. I ended up going back to the other side and seeing her dog jumping on other peoples' dogs too.

So, rant over, why in the heck would a dog feel any desire to purposely jump right on top of another swimming dog? Or is it just manners thing?
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