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Old 08-11-2008, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Sweet72947 View Post
When people say they are against chaining, they are most probably referring to the people that stick their dog on a tether and leave it there indefinitely, perhaps throwing food at it once in a while. I am most certainly against that kind of chaining. But that's a different thread.
It's funny how it was said in this thread, though. When the only evidence that her dog 'lives his life on a chain' is a few pictures.

When I make that sort of off-handed comment in threads, and when most other people do, it's not exactly a non-sequitor. It's a dig. A pointed statement. "I see pictures of a dog on a chain in this thread. I DO NOT LIKE DOGS LIVING ON CHAINS. Your dog has a chain on in several pictures, so he MUST live on a chain. I DO NOT LIKE THAT."

Originally Posted by Punkygirl0101 View Post
Nolu, there is a BIG difference between a dog being tethered for a couple hours a day, and a dog LIVING on the chain 24/7.
Then perhaps you see the difference between a few pictures of a dog on a chain and that dog living its life on a chain. Just saying.

a BIG difference. And Xpaen..another big difference between a dog being tethered when outside, and a dog who lives outside on a chain. We had to have a dog tethered when outside when I was younger because this dog (Small dog might I add) could climb over our 6 foot fence, and could get out THROUGH the links of a chain link fence.

Nolu, I was not bullying anyone. What is it with this forum where they think they go on being really cruel to certain members for absolutely NO reason..and then someone is stating their opinion..which is ALL I was doing.
Um. Sure. Because coming into a PICTURE THREAD and saying you think the purported actions of a member is "absolutely horrible," and that you are against the way you think this member treats her dogs, and then suggesting that its her fault her "cat" died of an abscess (those are easily treated.. I have NEVER lost a rat with an abscess) isn't being nasty. Suuuuure.

Don't expect me to know every little thing about this member...I haven't been a member here for very long, and I don't know this person...
I must be a noob in comparison, because you've been here a year longer than me. That's what, two and a half years? How long are you usually a member on forums?

If you want to start going around saying I am a bully...maybe you should say the same about yourself when you have a disagreement with someone (Which EVERY veteran member here HAS had).
I said it here, in this thread, to you. I assure you I am not "going around" saying you're a bully. I was calling out your actions. If, in the future, you wish for me to do it privately, I can. Also - since you've been here a year longer than me.. are you a veteran member or new here? I'm a little confused.

Don't tell me because this person is 15 I am not allowed to speak my mind.....
Where did I say that? I believe I congratulated you on using your wonderful powers of free speech, actually.

I am stating my opinion on the animals care, and since its not her choice...I STILL have the EXACT same opinions about the care the animals are receiving...even if they are directed towards the OPs mother and not her. Which I already stated right before you posted about me being such a mean bully.
I wasn't expecting you to change your opinions. I do, however, think it would be nice if you didn't snark at underage members about things that they have no control over. if you don't think you were snarking, perhaps you should evaluate your "directed towards her mother and not her now" comment.
"and I dont play the victim, I own my stuff... but whatever blows your skirt up. "
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