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Old 12-02-2004, 07:43 PM
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Question Vomiting

Hello eveyone! This is my first post to this forum and I hope someone can help me out. We recently adopeted our first dog - a 10 month old black lab mix named Oreo. He's fantastic! We have had him for 2 weeks now. Last week he went to the vet for Parvo, Leptospirosis, and kennel cough vaccinations and had a normal healthy checkup. (They did fecal testing which I'm assuming was negative and a heartworm test - they said they'd call if it was +, and have not). At the time, I was concerned that he had vomited twice late at night - once food, once food/liquid. The vet thought that it was the change in food, possibly excess acidity. He had previously been fed poorer quality food 3x per day. Now he's on Iams adult, 1 cup 2x/day (between 5 and 6 am, and between 5 and 6 pm). The vet said that if he had a good appetite and no other symptoms not to worry.
The new concern - yesterday afternoon around 3 he vomited a small amount of clear liquid (water?). And this afternoon we went for about an hour long walk, then half hour later (5 pm) he vomited frothy yellow fluid with a few buiscuit chunks in it. He ate a piece of grass on our walk today, but not much that I saw. He has NO lack of appetite (he actually vomited then sat next to where the food is kept) - I fed him around 6:30 this evening and he seems fine now (laying next to me gnawing on his nylabone!). Today was the only time he's vomited any time near exercise. Could this be a result of excess acid because it's been so long since his morning meal? He's scheduled to go to the vet on the 17th for booster shots - do you think this warrants a visit sooner?

Thanks for any input you have!
~Hilary and Oreo
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Old 12-03-2004, 11:52 AM
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First: unless he was eating dirt, Iams isn't much of an improvement over any other dog food - it just costs more. Their hype is very effectively misleading, and vets typically push Iams/Eukanuba since they sell it from their offices and make a nice little profit. They also indulge in some very inhumane practices in their corporate labs. The feed store where I buy my dogs' food has actually quit selling it because of the company's practices, even though they had many customers who purchased it. There are several good threads about nutrition with some very good links that you can check out. I will recommend that you go to and read about nutrition and feeding.

The vomiting could be a combination of stress from adapting to a new environment, family and the change in food. Even a very small amount of grass can trigger the gag reflex, so I wouldn't be too concerned about the incident after he'd eaten the grass. The clear fluid was probably water; the yellow frothy stuff probably had a good bit of stomach acid and some bile in it. It's hard to tell why dogs vomit sometimes. Try making sure he doesn't get to drink large quantities of water at one time.

Keep us posted on how Oreo (love the name!) gets on. And good for you for adopting!!!
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Old 12-03-2004, 01:21 PM
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Yes....Iam's is not good at all. When Chloe was pregnant, and was not eating very well, she went through a time when she wouldn't eat her dry dog food, so I got her some quality canned food at the feed store. I ran out one night, so I went to the store and bought "A CAN" of Iam's just to get though until the next day, and she turned her nose up at it and walked away.
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Old 12-04-2004, 11:13 AM
hsouth hsouth is offline
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Thanks for the input! We're going to be changing Oreo to different food soon. We're also trying feeding him smaller meals more often to see if it is acid reflux. We started that yesterday and so far so good - no incidents yet!
I will post pictures soon!

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