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Old 12-01-2004, 12:15 AM
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As a hunter and a responsible one at that, I have never trespassed to hunt and I suggest that to approach a trespassing hunter should only be done while fully armed, as he is already willing to break the law you should be ready to defend yourself or call the police if you are not ready to take these steps. I would let a hunter track a shot deer so the poor bambi is not left to rot. WHen hunters use dogs to catch deer or wild hogs it becomes a challenge to find an area large enough to prevent the hunt from crossing over to private property. I am currently trying to get involved with the hunters who have access to this type of large area so When I turn out the pitbulls I do not have to worry about them getting in trouble or worse yet, shot by a property owner. I know many do not agree with different hunting techniques, but I am glad to see the remarks by all here showing toleration of others! By the way, the hunter shot 8 guys and one more died bringing the total dead to 6. Thank you for allowing fellow Americans to exercise their rights and freedoms even though you may not have the same views, Brent
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Old 12-01-2004, 10:40 AM
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Brent's absolutely right! Unless you're good and comfortable with firearms DON'T confront trespassing hunters! Even then it's best to get the local sheriff or wildlife wardens involved. Charley had a situation like that out here several years before I met him. His mother was very elderly and suffered from severe Parkinsons'. When he came home from work at lunch to check on her she complained about "all the shooting." He went out and found where shot had been hitting the house. His inner stereotypical Irish redhead came out pretty quickly and he grabbed his big coat and an appropriate firearm and went after them - along with Joe, the Bull Mastiff. There were three hunters and they tried to deny they knew they'd crossed a property line (they had cut a 5-strand barbed wire cattle fence); one of them started to aim his rifle, Joe stood up and showed his teeth, and Charley pulled the AR out from behind his coat. Amazing how quickly one can be convinced one has made an unfortunate and regrettable mistake! I almost wondered about the whole story until an old friend of his came over one night and they were laughing about some of the scrapes they'd been in over the years, and the old friend mentioned the time he'd run into those "dumb hunters who'd talked about some crazed redheaded (insert language) who'd chased them off with the biggest dog they'd ever seen and a military rifle."

But that's how easily things can get out of hand . . .
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