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Old 07-10-2008, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by borzoimom View Post
Well having therapy dogs and not service dogs but at least I can tell you how I train heel.. You start walking with the dog on your left. Dogs name "heel".. and start walking at a good clip but not too fast. ie the speed of the breed you have.. As soon as the dog forges forward, I do an abrupt about turn, heading in the opposite direction.. This is the beginning- do not forge ahead or behind.. Once you get this down, then I add something to perfect the heel where they should be. IN a heel the dogs shoulder should be at your leg. Not only does this teach not to pull but also to watch you. As soon as the dog gets back in the right position- verbal praise ( calm to keep concentration- ie ' good boy..."..) Keep training sessions short- and always best to end on a good note.
Originally Posted by borzoimom View Post
In rereading my post this morning, I realized it could very well give the wrong impression than what I meant. The posts that followed it summerized it well.
To OP- follow the advice given afterwards.
I don't think anyone summarized you.

Where I have done my little bit of training, beginning heeling is taught generally with exercises done IN PLACE, teaching the dog heel position, attention and focus BEFORE MOVEMENT.

Heel position is anywhere from the head to the withers of the dog.

The AKC defines heel position as:

Section 18. HEEL POSITION, as defined in these regulations applies whether the dog is sitting, standing, lying down, or moving at heel. The dog should be at the handler's left side directly in line with the direction the handler is facing. The area from the dog's head to shoulder is to be in line with the handler's left hip. The dog should be close to, but not crowding, its handler so that the handler has freedom of motion at all times.
Most people train for the ear to be at the side seam of your pants. The dog should be about 4" from your leg, parallel to you and your direction of movement.

So a just a few questions if you don't mind, since you have asserted you are a licensed trainer, Borzoimom.

How does doing abrupt turns (which result in the puppy hitting the end of the leash) teach a dog not to pull and to look at you?

Do you feel that training attention is important? If so, how do you go about teaching this to a puppy?

How does saying "HEEL" to an untrained puppy result in that puppy learning to heel?

Originally Posted by borzoimom View Post
Once you get this down, then I add something to perfect the heel where they should be.
What is this something you are talking about?

With your level of experience with training drug detection dogs, and your many years of training and showing dogs, if you can find the time to go over these questions, maybe we can all learn from you.

Thanks in advance!
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