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Old 11-30-2004, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by southern_girl09
Keep going to the dog park. Some Pit'z love people and other dogs. If she hasnt done anything yet, she probally wont. Just be careful and watch here. There is always that little chance, but there is a chance with every breed, It's not just Pit Bulls.
Uhm not keep going...pit bulls DO NOT belong in dog parks..and you're saying that if she hasn't done anything yet, she probably won't? That's what ALL the pit bull owners said before their dog ended up either ripping some other dog in the park to shreds one fine day, or a big fight erupted between two dogs and both were seriously injured.

It is ignorant to think that if a pittie is nice towards Fido today, it'll be a dog loving sweetie tomorrow too. They were bred for fighting..and it'll take generations upon generations before that instinct/characteristic/whatever you wanna call it, is bred out of this breed...we're not even close yet so until then, any pit bull owner that even RISKS taking their dog into an offleash dog park is walking under ladders.
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Old 11-30-2004, 10:06 AM
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This is really a tough problem. On one hand, you want to keep her socialized and allow her to enjoy something she seems to get great pleasure from, but on the other, you absolutely want to keep her safe.

When other dogs are running off leash in the dog park, Roxy's at a real psychological disadvantage being on lead - but really, being off lead isn't realistic since you have no idea what other dogs might do to provoke her. And if aggressive behaviour started on the part of another dog and you tried to shield her, Roxy would very likely decide you needed to protected from the aggressor and you'd have a dog fight on your hands.

Maybe a compromise would be to schedule walks (on lead) with someone who has a dog she's particularly fond of? Good for you, too!

I do know this, my Filas are not dog aggressive (it's not a breed characteristic; they're actually very dog friendly), although they won't accept any dominating behaviour from another dog, but there's no way I'd be comfortable with them in a dog park.
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Old 11-30-2004, 05:52 PM
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Ok everyone. I am going to retry to word that. Sorry. It was totally worded wrong. Here is what I ment.

Socializing a puppy with other dogs may reduce the amount of dog aggression the pup will develop, and many pit puppies get along with other dogs when they are young. As the dog matures, ALWAYS be on the lookout for signs of aggression with other dogs, and be prepared to break up a spat or fight, should one happen. It is up to you, the owner, to decide whether or not to introduce your adult pit bull to other dogs. The amount of dog aggression in an adult pit bulls varies from no aggression at all to a dog that sees ANY other dog as a Happy-Meal with legs, so there are no hard and fast rules. Just remember that as the owner of a pit bull, any fight will always be your fault, no matter who started it.

Here is somemore information...
Following Pit Bull Golden Rule #1 "NEVER trust your pit bull not to fight"
Even pit bulls that have never exhibited dog aggression may fight back if approached by the wrong dog in an aggressive manner.
*10 pit bull ownership commandments*
1. Thou shalt NEVER trust thy Pit Bull not to fight
2. Thou shalt contain thy Pit Bull securely when not supervised by an adult
3. Thou shalt NEVER leave thy adult Pit Bull alone and unsupervised with another dog
4. Thou SHALT attend obedience classes most faithfully with thy Pit Bull.
5. Thou SHALT keep thy Pit Bull socialized with ALL KINDS of people
6. Thy Pit Bull wilt NEVER be allowed off-leash in a public place
7. Thy Pit Bull wilt NEVER be allowed to roam free in thy neighborhood, EVER!
8. Thou SHALT take thy well trained Pit Bull out in public and show him/her off - on leash for good breed PR!
9. Thy Pit Bull shalt go forth into the world as an ambassador of the pit bull breed
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