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Old 03-08-2004, 11:17 PM
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I used to feed Bimmer Eukanuba, until I did a little research and found out that the ingredients really were only slightly better than "grocery store" type dog food. I wanted a dog food that used human grade ingredients that were organic and did not include any chemicals or especially meat treated with hormones or antibiotics. I feed Innova, although there are several other truly superior foods, mainly because it includes a variety of organic vegetable and fruit ingredients as well as the high grade organic meat I wanted. I wanted the variety of food sources in their food mainly because the Fila Brasileiro diet is historically varied as the breed developed in areas of great poverty where there was not a large quantity of meat to spare for the dogs. This breed has been thriving on that type of diet since the 1600's and I'm not inclined to mess with a formula that's been so successful! Bimmer does exceptionally well on this diet as well; both dogs' coats are unbelievably soft and shiny. If I remember correctly, Chazhound uses a very high quality feed called Flint River for his Shelties.

There are actually quite a few high quality organic dog foods, and you can research them on the Natura Pet website where they have a protocol that lets you compare foods and gives you details on each of the ingredients. If you got to you can find out just about anything you want or need to know about different dog foods. It's good to have a few different brands to choose in case some are not available in your area. The interesting thing is that these foods are really no more expensive than the Eukanuba or Science Diet. You will find, too, that your dog will eat less of the food that is providing high nutrition, and there will be less waste.
I'm glad to hear you've got a vet who likes your baby. That makes a big difference. I've run across a couple of vets who didn't even seem to like animals! I don't know why someone who didn't like animals would bother to become a vet.
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