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Old 04-18-2008, 11:01 AM
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Default Mo Mo My Hero

I was talking to my mom lastnight about past dogs when she brought up Mo Mo lol. Mo Mo other than my grandparents Shar Pei Mai Ling was my first heart dog. This story gets graphic though so be prepared.

Mo Mo would have been a "designer dog" nowadays . She was a standard poodle/Siberian husky mix. My uncle got her from a friend who purposely bred his poodle and husky together. And in true form my uncle bought her took her home kept her a few months and realized he didn't want her anymore . And so she was given to us.

She was probley one of the coolest looking dogs I have ever had. She had a pure white curly thick poodle coat but was built more like a Sibe if that makes any since. She had flopped ears and ice blue eyes and a huskies face/snout. The best part was her tail. It was exactly like Grammy's Ollies tail curled and feathered with curly crimped hair.

We already had 5 dogs at the time and what my dad said was law. And so Mo Mo was to be an outside dog with the 2 working Dalmatians. It wasent a bad life she wasent tethered but like the Dals allowed to roam our fenced property. She slept under the deck or in my fisher price place house at night. She went from a pampered city dog to a down and dirty farm dog in a matter of weeks.

She was however my constant companion and guardian. She would sit with me at the end of the driveway to wait for the school bus in the morning. And would be napping in that same place when I would get off the bus in the afternoon. She was then like velcro to my side following me around the farm as I did my chores or played. She wasent as bonded with anyone as closely as she was to me. My mom also trusted her with my safety. And so it was allowed in the summer that I would have "slumber parties" with her in the barn lol .

Now back then none of our dogs were ever spayed or neutered really they were lucky if they got to the vet. My dad beleived dogs were a dime a dozen (how he was raised) and he couldn't see spending huge amounts of money for dogs. Especially dogs that weren't working dogs. He did get some rabies shots for some though. And he did make an exception for the rare medical emergency. Anyways so the point is Mo Mo was never spayed. And so she had three litters of puppies not all in a row but in about 6 years with us she did. Her last litter we kept two of her puppies my dog Rocko (named after Rocko's Modern life) and my sisters dog Poison (yes named after the band). And since older dogs had passed away Rocko and Poison became inside dogs.

Once the puppies from her last litter all went to good homes Mo Mo was allowed to go back to roaming the property. And of course back to being my shadow when possible. She had learned years ago from the Dalmatians the right way to run along with the horses on trail rides in the woods that surrounded the property. And at that time I was allowed to go out in the woods alone to a certain point.

One day my friend Grace and I went out on the trails. We decided to ride double on my dads old horse Max because Delsin wasent so good on the trails lol. And so we went out on the trails with Mo Mo following keeping a watchful eye on Grace and I. We had made it to the point where we weren't allowed to go any farther. We both slid off Max to go hang out in our "club house" which was this small empty space in the middle of a bunch of overgrowth. My brother and sister had first discovered it years before and my brother had lugged a bunch of bricks back there to make seats. It was now too small for them to climb in comfortably and so it became my hide out and club house. Our parents never knew about it.

Anyways we sat in the club house/hide out while ancient Max dosed and Mo Mo layed at the entrance protectively. We then heard someone coming at first I thought one of our dogs had dug out of the fence and came to find us. But when at once Mo Mo was on her feet hackles raised and growling. I then noticed a big mutt standing on the trail staring back at us and Mo Mo. His head was low almost in a creepy glare and his tail sat high. Grace wanted to run but I told her to stay still. I knew that much that we shouldn't move. Suddenly he rushed at Mo Mo and us. Mo Mo caught him before he made it half way and a vicious dog fight ensued. They fought right in the entrance of the hide out. I screamed for him to stop as became quite clear Mo Mo was being torn to peices and he was still doing very well. We threw what sticks and stones we could at him. When that didn't work I told Grace to help me throw a brick at him. And so we both hoisted a large red brick at him the best we could. He jumped back with a shrieking yelp and slunked back out across the trail into the overgrowth. We then turned our attention to a badly bleeding Mo Mo. We decided we would try to hoist her up on to Max's back and get her home. But as soon as we emerged from the bushes the stray was back as if he had been waiting for us to make a move. When he came running at us i had already untied a manic Max's reigns from a branch. And Grace was closer to Mo Mo looking at her now red fur.

But when the stray came at us from the woods and both us being 11 year old girls we weren't brave enough to try and grab Mo Mo. We both screamed this time and ran to a skittish freaking out Max. The dog was already running around us barking and snarling while Max spun in nervous circles. Then a already dying Mo Mo got up and ran best she could to come and protect her girls. Of course the stray turned his attention to her and that was our chance. I pushed Grace up into the saddle knowing I would be better at holding on on the back at a gallop than she would be. After I shoved her back up into the saddle though for a split second the stray turned his attention on us again. I was halfway on the panicked Max's back when I felt the searing pain of the stray biting down on my calf. It was all I could do to hold onto Max's saddle as he spun and Grace tried to keep control of him. At the same time I was screaming and kicking the stray as hard as I could in the head with my good foot while he stayed clamped on my dangling leg. FINALLY I kicked him square in the eye with the toe of my boot and he fell back yelping . At that moment I swung the rest of my body onto a truly freaked out Max's rump. And we took off at a gallop back to the farm.

My jeans were soaked with blood where the dog had gotten my calf. My leg its self was extremely swollen and I couldn't put weight on it when I went to slide off Max's back when we finally reached the safety of the farm. Of course my dads first complaint was about how sweaty and distressed his best horse was. But when my mom pulled up my pants leg his tune changed at bit. Of course before i was taken to the hospital or before Mo Mo was checked on he had to check over his beloved Max. Which I understand but still. While my parents ran me to the hospital to get stitches my brother went back to find Mo Mo. I already knew when we had left the hide out that Mo Mo was dead she had been so blood soaked i knew there was no real hope.

Sure enough when I was brought home from the hospital my brother and sister had already dug Mo Mo's grave and buried her. It turned out the dog wasent a stray. We found out later he belonged to a new neighbor. The dog was a "guard dog" but was also very HA and DA away from home and just all around dangerous. The dog was never put down! I was also punnished for the whole ordeal because I should have stopped on the trail at all. And so I do still blame myself for Mo Mo's death. I know she died protecting us like I always somehow knew she would.

I was lucky enough to be left with her son Rocko who like her became velcro to my hip. He did not inherit his mothers curly coat or husky build. His lab dad gave him a big thick body and head. He was white with golden pathes all over his body. And a huskies tail. And like Mo Mo Rocko passed away long before his time but thats a whole nother story.
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