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Old 04-08-2008, 06:15 PM
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Default Holding pee

My 5 month old border collie/blue heeler has done great with housebreaking. There have only been a small handful of accidents (had her since she was 8 weeks). She holds her bladder all night (9 hours)and during the day if we're out, with no accidents in the crate.
However, if she is kenneled for the day (8 hours or so), when she is out of the kennel while we're home, she asks to go out at least once an hour, sometimes 3 times in 15 minutes. And she always pees. I'll walk her at least 5 minutes after her "last squat" to make sure she at least thinks her bladder is empty (sometimes we get 2-3 squats per outing).

My question is, what are some tricks to teaching her to hold it while we're inside? I know she can, but she feels the need to go outside as soon as she feels the need (I guess that's a good thing in some ways!) I would like to be able to at least eat dinner without having to take her out 3-4 times...but I don't want to ignore her and assume when she really needs to go. And yes, we go out with restricted lead until potty, then there's wandering time, so it's not that she wants to go out and play, at least not all the time
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Old 04-08-2008, 06:23 PM
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Is this behaviour new? If so it may indicate a urinary tract infection or something else medical.

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Old 04-08-2008, 06:26 PM
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No, it's not a urinary tract infection. If it were, she wouldn't be able to hold it overnight.
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Old 04-08-2008, 07:46 PM
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Maybe you could crate her when you're eating dinner or whatever and can't really take her out? As long as she's not peeing in her crate, this might help her figure it out.

Is she having accidents in the house?

Do you always take her to the same spot outside (like, 10 foot or less diameter area)? Do any other animals pee in that area?

Are you leaving her water available all the time? You could also try keeping the water bowl picked up and only offering her water so many times a day - at meals, when she's exercising or hot, and maybe once or twice more just to see if she's thirsty. With a more regular schedule of "stuff" going in, you'll probably get a more regular schedule of "stuff" coming out!
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Old 04-08-2008, 08:30 PM
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There are a couple of things I'd try... be sure all potty trips that SHE requests are strictly business. Out to her potty area for a minute or two and back into the house. Praise her for going outside, but NO playtime. Playtime in the yard should be a reward for potty trips that you initiate only. This will prevent her from having the idea that she might get to play when she asks you to take her outside. Be sure she's getting plenty of training and exercise (initiated by you) every day... it'll help to prevent energy overload, which may help to keep her from being a pest when she just wants to go out and play.

After you do that for a week or so, I'd try keeping her on-leash with you in the house and try ignoring some of her requests to go outside. I'd only do this at times that I suspect that it might be a false alarm... when she's had a recent potty trip and nothing to eat or drink. Be sure she has her chew bones or toys nearby to keep her busy... if she's asking to go out because she's bored and wants to play, you want to have something else for her to focus her attention on when she realizes you're not going to take her out.

I think it's unlikely she'll have accidents when you do that, but, if she does, you'll be able to stop her and get her outside, so it shouldn't be a big deal. I know you said she pees every time you take her out, but it may just be a "courtesy pee"... she goes a little just because she knows she's supposed to, but she doesn't really need to. If you find that she seems to truly be unable to hold it, you might just have to continue taking her out frequently for a while, then gradually start to wait longer between potty trips. Some dogs just seem to take a little longer learning to hold it, so maturity helps.

Also, a dog door is your friend when you have a puppy like this... if installing one is an option, she can start taking herself in and out on her own when she needs to potty or if she just wants to play. It'll save you a lot of trips in and out!
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