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Old 07-27-2005, 11:47 PM
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Talking Showpug

Originally Posted by showpug old is Sophie? Please don't assume that she can't get pregnant because of her age. I witnessed a 9/10 year old lab come into the clinic pregnant Needless to say she had extreme complications likley due to her age.

On another note, I realize what you are saying about not spaying/neutering your dogs, but please understand that as each heat goes by with Sophie the risk goes up for her developing pyometra a deadly uterine infection. The uterus becomes infected and fills with puss and eventually ruptures causing death usually due to all the toxins entering the blood stream. I don't want to scare you, but we saw this time and time again in the vet clinic I worked at and it can be very scary and their risk sky rockets as they age. The only way to prevent this is through spaying....not to mention all the un-spayed females we saw with mammary cancer. Please give it some thought
Sometimes there just ain't nuttin there to communicate with, if you get my drift. You can't call it "mindset", because the main ingredient of that phrase is missing.......again, if'n ya get my drift.

Such situations are most infuriatiing. That is why I feel people should have to PASS an IQ test before getting a dog. Hope you pick up on that little capitalized part of the sentence, roflmbo.
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