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Old 03-21-2008, 10:25 AM
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Okay, so Marlowe is a porn star. He was neutered the day I picked him up from the shelter but judging from the size of his wang, and the size of the man-purse that was left..... My friends when we first got him all had to come over and gawk, especially because with all the testosterone still coursing through his system for a few weeks after his neuter, he was very very quick to put the red rocket on the launch pad, for pretty much any reason. It's disconcertingly large. It hits the back of his front legs. It took *forever* for his sad little flap to go away. It finally did though. I probably took close to a year though.

With Conrad, it was very quick to go away because he's just a wee little guy in that department, and a lot furrier too. In a couple months, he didn't have his flap anymore.
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Old 03-21-2008, 10:33 AM
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Yay about Ilsa's lady lumps!

And I was wondering the same thing about getting Orson's neuter, LOL, glad YOU asked it Sizzle :

I wonder if it has anything to do with diet and exercise too? It's just a stretched skin sack and people that lose weight and exercise while they do it have better luck with their skin going back to somewhat maybe dogs too? *shrugs* I don't know but I DO like the Man Purse name
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Old 03-21-2008, 11:27 AM
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Hrmmmmm.... maybe! I just hate that dangly sack for some reason, and he's a fidgety dog and I don't want him to fuss over it.

I guess we'll just have to see... eek!

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Old 03-21-2008, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Sweet72947 View Post
The length of time to reabsorb the "manpurse" (I guess we are calling it that now? ) really varies from dog to dog. Benji's took a few months, but I've seen some dogs at rescue take 6 months or more. But the average is probably 3 months (from what I've seen at rescue). When we got our chessie neutered years and years ago, he didn't have a manpurse left over.
YES! We are calling it a manpurse. It's hilarious.

Originally Posted by Chewbecca View Post
ACK! Testicles on anything freak me out. I am SOOO not a testicle person. GAH.

I am glad that Ilsa's lumps turned out to be benign. She's such a beauty!

I'd rather see a flap on a boy dog than dangling testicles.
I really, really want to comment on this. Maybe I'll quote it and drag it on over to the extra curricular activities thread...
"and I dont play the victim, I own my stuff... but whatever blows your skirt up. "
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Old 03-21-2008, 01:17 PM
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Oh just get Ronin Neuticles Sizzle. I hear you can get your own Neutical keychain too.
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Old 03-21-2008, 03:30 PM
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Good news on the lumps.

As far as the scrotal sack reabsorbing, well, if they're huge, there is always going to be a "pancake" there. Sometimes they'll shrink up a little, but seriously, every adult male dane I've ever had neutered have maintained their mudflap for life.

Even Corvus with his tiny testes still has a fairly decent mudflap and it's been 4 months since his neuter.

Sigh. Gotta love those boys.

~ Ditto and Corvus ~

Paws Jaws and Wrecking Balls
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Old 03-21-2008, 06:07 PM
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My dog was neutered at 28 months (now almost 10 years old) and he still has a slight one. Doesn't bother me any... though I also can't see it because of hair. He was uhh... 'priviledged' ??? in that department too before snip snip.
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