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Old 03-16-2008, 06:21 PM
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Angry Some people shouldn't own dogs....(long rant sorry)

As many of you know, we recently adopted a beagle/husky puppy. He's had his shots, is now "allowed" out in public. We've taken to wandering the local park (onleash only), and Bernie loves the snow, puddles, other dogs, and especially the people.

Today, we managed to follow the snowmobile tracks through the snowbanks, and ahead of me I see a woman with her (off leash) labrador. We know that most people let the dogs off when they get to this more secluded part of the park, so we're always on the eye for loose dogs. We've never had an issue with aggressive dogs, or owners, until today. This woman's lab wasn't aggressive, but it had no manners either. He came to bowl us over, and then off like a shot through the trees, with his owner screaaaaaaaaaaamming his name. Bernie was befuddled, wanted to race the lab, and join in the games. A few treats, and diversions later, we're trying to get to the gate to come home, and I see this lab owner woman, dropping things on the ground as she walks towards the gate too. I held Bernie back so as to let these two get ahead. (Bernie walks better when there is someone to follow lol)

Ok.. to get to the point.. I am slowly following this woman who is now dogless as her dog has hightailed it across the park to bowl someone else over. I see that what she is doing.. is dropping biscuits in a trail behind her. Odd thing to do, and mightily tempting for Bernie Beagle, who is completely food oriented.

Wrestling with a "starved to death, gotta eat myself stupid Beagle", I manage to call to the woman, and ask her why she's dropping food, as it's not good for the other pets in the park, and everyone will worry that someone is poisoning dogs. Her reply? "My stupid %$#^&&* dog won't come when I call him, so I'm gonna scent train him with food, to find his way home!!!"

Dumbfounded, I really couldn't come up with a reply other than "Well, there are several obedience classes locally to train YOU and your dog. This will work better than this." She replied: "The *&^%$$ cost me $500. Ya think I want to spend money on obedience classes? *&^% NO!"

As it's winter, and the park warden doesn't patrol until April, I can't call the township. What would you have done?
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Old 03-16-2008, 08:59 PM
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Smacked her. What a dolt.
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Old 03-16-2008, 09:19 PM
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I agree with Paige!
Smack the sh!t outta her and tell her if she wanted a dog she should have thought about all the things she NEEDED to do before she got a dog.
*War Eagle*
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