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Old 09-13-2004, 10:46 AM
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Default Question

hey everyone!
I have a question. My new dog that I got recently (hazel) is very demanding. When I try to pet Maggie she always pushes her out of the way or tries to jump on me. How do I get Hazel to calm down, and let me pet Maggie?

I was prepared for this, but I am just not sure how to handle it. Maggie was and will always be my first dog.

Also Hazel will be in my room eating her food, than turned around and went out in the living room and tried to steal Maggie's food. Maggie is pretty submissive so she'll just kind of let her do it.

Last night I kept hazel in my room and put the food down for Maggie. That seemed to solve the problem. I just don't want Maggie to feel like she can't eat her food. Is there anything else I can do besides putting hazel in another room while maggie is eating?

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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Old 09-15-2004, 09:24 PM
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I think eventually Hazel will not be so pushy around Maggie. It seems like Maggie is being the swet girl and letting Hazel get used to the place and everyone. Eventually Maggie will get fed up enough that she lets Hazel know who's boss. I had a cat before I ever got Brady, and I know it is a little different, but I had a similar situation with her and Brady. Brady would get so jealous when I would try to give her attention and practically push in front of her to get pet too. I just figured he was a young pup, and she seemed to understand. I had to make a special room for her because he would always eat her food and drink her water. Now she has her own room (I have a baby gate in front of the door and she hops over into her chair). Her food is in there and her water, and yet she will now sometimes drink out of his bowl of water. I think it will get better, just give it some time. They will eventually both get used to the situation and I think it will work itself out.
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Old 09-16-2004, 08:53 AM
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We had that situation when we brought Kharma home. I'd been a little concerned that she'd be overwhelmed at 10 weeks by Bimmer and Shiva, the Boisterous Pup, who was already getting huge by then. Silly me.

Kharma immediately began pushing Shiva around, taking over her food dish, taking Shiva's favorite place on the sofa. You name it, Kharma did it. If she couldn't just bull her way, she'd growl at Shiva. Kharma only tried it once with Bimmer, though. She figured out pretty quickly that wasn't the way to deal with him. She turned the charm on poor Bimmer.

Things have evened out. Shiva is much less submissive now. It's actually, I think, been good for her. She and Kharma have things sorted out well now, and, all in all, everything's fairly equal.

So, these things do even out. You need to supervise and back Maggie up. Once Maggie's got it figured out that you won't let Hazel bully her, she should start holding her own a little better.
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Old 09-17-2004, 09:03 AM
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At first Addie just let Hammie eat her food, too. She just backed away looking all sad and submissive. Well....that changed pretty quickly. I think she was just not used to him. Then, she started letting him know who is boss. Addie gets a little jealous if she thinks Ham is getting more attention, but strangely...Ham doesn't mind at all if I hug Addie all day. I've thought it's because he has only known life with her, therefore doesn't react to her getting pampered. She still sometimes has 'issues' with the new kid.
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