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Old 08-27-2004, 03:48 PM
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Default oh that Hammie..........hee hee....

I pulled a good one on him. He won't go into the pen at night.....well, I started a new plan..have my babes in during the day.....put them in the pen while it is still daylight...........Hammie runs in to drink lots of water. OK..I feel kinda bad about this new ploy........but it is working. My little buddy runs in the pen (of course Addie does..she is my angel dog) He will catch on ...he does to all my new 'plans' to get him in.........but I am still winning. hahahaha So the saga continues.........who will win...Hammie or me???? Stay tuned........and I plan on a pic (I know said this before!) of us all for this weekend. IF it only quits raining..........then a pic of me and my babies.
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Old 08-27-2004, 09:25 PM
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The only question is . . . how long before he decides to change the game again? Kharma does stuff like that to me. She knows I'm going to be leaving when I put on makeup, so she disappears, wanting to spend more time outside playing. Little Brat! I'll call her, and if she doesn't come right away, Shiva goes and gets her. It's so comical to watch them; Shiva trying to herd Kharma, both of them jawing at each other, then Kharma wants to run to me, but Shiva doesn't want her to get to come to me, so she starts herding Kharma off to the side, which only makes Kharma want to come to me that much more. In the end, Shiva's desire not to let Kharma be petted, and Kharma's determination to thwart Shiva gets the Brat Princess right where I want her.

Bimmer, of course, has already come in the house and stands there and looks at the girls as though they are a disgrace! If he's really disgusted with them, he growls at them and makes them scrunch down on the floor. It's hysterical - and kind of awe inspiring - to see him lay down the law to these dogs that dwarf him. Shiva's at least two and a half times his size now, and Kharma outweighs him by at least fifty pounds already.

But Bimmer's demonstrably the Head Honcho.
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