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Old 05-19-2005, 09:27 PM
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Default Dog Poems

I have some more favorites!!!!

A howl can mean many things, from happiness to sad.
He howls when alone and hurt or overall just mad.

You scold him when he acts this way, tells him that he's bad.
But when you look deep in his eyes, you see that he's just glad.

When your around, he can't hold back, filled with so much joy.
You finally realize, he's more than just a toy.

Cradled in your swaying arms, a tear falls to his nose.
You realize, right then and there, your the one he chose.

So think next time you scold your dog for all his calls and cries.
You'll long to hear him once again, in time for last good bye's.

Alice Bennett

If you don't want to be greeted with paws and swinging tails don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't like the feel of a cold nose or a wet tongue, don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't want to step over many scattered toys, don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you think that a home ought to smell of perfume, don't come inside because dogs live here.
If you don't mind all of this, you will be instantly loved when you come inside, because dogs live here.
Author Unknown (Sounds like my house lol)

Little Puppy, sitting there
In the field mid daisies fair
wary eyed you look at me.
Are you lost? Or could it be
someone put you in this place
all alone this to face.
Soon the sun will fade from sight
and the day will turn to night.
You have no drink or food to eat.
Come---I will take you home with me.
Little things need loving care.
Perhaps that is why
God put me here.

Donna Lou McPherren

Pets name: Chaos

Pets name: Blue Moon

Pets name: Cajun

Pets name: Smoothie
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Old 05-19-2005, 09:31 PM
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Posts: 3,174

I saw him coming up the street,
So spent and weary that his feet
Seemed like two heavy weights of lead;
Ah, he had known so hard a day,
Small wonder that he looked that way,
And slouched along with drooping head!

Then, suddenly, with frantic shout,
A little yellow dog rushed out
A yard, to greet the tired man;
He licked his hands, he kissed his face,
Then dashed ahead in eager race,
Then back again he gaily ran!

The tired worker laughed aloud,
Straightened his shoulders; through the crowd
Pressed on; his feet seemed to take wings
So fast he walked as he went up
The street toward home the yellow pup
All joyous leaps and caperings.

O little dog so fond and true,
Much good in life you surely do
When you can make a man so spent
Forget fatigue -- make him so glad
He acts like any madcap lad,
And laughs aloud with merriment!

Louella C.Poole

I saw a little dog today,
And oh, that dog was lost;
He risked his anguished puppy life
With every street he crossed.
He shrank away from outstretched hands,
He winced at every hail --
Against the city's bigness he
Looked very small and frail.

Distrust lay in his tortured eyes,
His body shook with fright;
(I wondered when he'd eaten last --
And where he'd slept at night!)
I whistled, and I followed him,
And hoped that he might guess
That all my soul reached out to him,
And offered friendliness!

So many times I have been lost,
And lonely and afraid!
I followed through the crowded streets,
I followed -- and I prayed.
And then the God of little things,
Who knows when sparrows fall,
Put trust into the puppy's heart
And made him heed my call. . . .

Margaret E. Sangster

Pets name: Chaos

Pets name: Blue Moon

Pets name: Cajun

Pets name: Smoothie
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Old 05-19-2005, 09:34 PM
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Location: Manitoba
Posts: 3,174

You see us every morning,
A common pair are we,
Each on a leash's ending
My little dog and me.
We amble village byways
In bright or dismal weather;
You may not think there's much in that,
But we have fun together.

No many-stranded cable
Could bear the jokes that pass
Between my little comrade
And me -- my! how we sass!
But how we give assurance
That we don't really mean it!
(A dog-and-man companionship
Is balm to him who's seen it.)

He greets his dog friends gayly,
While I to neighbors speak;
He sometimes finds a treasure --
A bone that's lost its meat!
He talks with dogs or children,
While I swap views with master . . .
I had this thought the other day,
While visiting with Pastor.

"When dog and I have rambled on
Beyond this mundane scope,
And seen the Golden Gateway,
(From the inside, we hope!)
We won't pause on the highway
Made smooth for feet more sainted,
But wander down some quiet land,
And start to get acquainted.

We hope there'll be a hydrant,
A friendly tree or two,
Some drying leaves to shuffle,
A field to wander through.
We'll glory in our freedom,
And need no leash of leather;
It really will be Heaven, Lord,
As long as we're together."

John E.Donovan (this one reminded me of you Gustav )

Treasured Friend
I lost a treasured friend today
The little dog who used to lay
Her gentle head upon my knee
And share her silent thoughts with me...
She'll come no longer to my call
Retrieve no more her favorite ball
A voice far greater than my own
Has called her to His golden throne.
Although me eyes are filled with tears,
I thank Him for the happy years
He let her spend down here with me
And for her love and loyalty.
When it is time for me to go
And join her there, this much I know...
I shall not fear the transient dark
For she will greet me with her bark.
Author Unknown (sent this one to my sister )

BTW I know alot of these have to do with god and my beleifs are different it doesent stop the poems for being beauiful .

Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no
heart in all the world is more grateful for
kindness than the loving heart of me.
Do not break my spirit with a stick, for
though I might lick your hand between blows,
your patience and understanding will more
quickly teach me the things you would have
me learn. Speak to me often, for your voice
is the world's sweetest music, as you must
know by the fierce wagging of my tail when
your footsteps fall upon my waiting ear.
Please take me inside when it is cold and
wet, for I am a domesticated animal, no
longer accustomed to bitter elements.
I ask no greater glory than the privilege of
sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Keep
my pan filled with fresh water, for I cannot
tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me
clean food that I may stay well, to romp
and play and do your bidding, to walk by your
side, and stand ready, willing and able to
protect you with my life, should your life
be in danger. And, my friend, when I am
very old, and I no longer enjoy good health,
hearing and sight, do not make heroic efforts
to keep me going. I am not having any fun.
Please see that my trusting life is taken
gently, I shall leave this earth knowing with
the last breath I draw that my fate was always
safest in your hands.

Pets name: Chaos

Pets name: Blue Moon

Pets name: Cajun

Pets name: Smoothie
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Old 05-19-2005, 09:35 PM
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A Faithful Dog Will Play With You

And Laugh With You -Or Cry-

He'll Gladly Starve To Stay With You

Nor Ever Reason Why,

And When You're Feeling Out Of Sorts

Somehow He'll Understand

He'll Watch You With His Shining Eyes

And Try To Lick Your Hand.

His Blind, Implicit Faith In You

Is Matched By His Great Love -

The Kind That All Of Us Should Have

In The Master, Up Above.

When Everything Is Said And Done

I Guess This Isn't Odd

For When You Spell "Dog" Backwards

You Get The Name Of God.

Arlene Pace
September 18, 1998

Once I was a lonely dog,
Just looking for a home.
I had no place to go,
No one to call my own.
I wandered up and down the streets,
in rain in heat and snow.
I ate what ever I could find,
I was always on the go.
My skin would itch, my feet were sore,
My body ached with pain.
And no one stopped to give a pat
Or a gently say my name.
I never saw a loving glance,
I was always on the run.
For people thought that hurting me
was really lots of fun.
And then one day I heard a voice
So gentle, kind and sweet,
And arms so soft reached down to me
And took me off my feet.
No one again will hurt you
Was whispered in my ear.
You’ll have a home to call your own
where you will know no fear
You will be dry, you will be warm,
you’ll have enough to eat
And rest assured that when you sleep,
your dreams will all be sweet.
I was afraid I must admit,
I’ve lived so long in fear.
I can’t remember when I let
A human come so near.
And as she tended to my wounds
And bathed and brushed my fur
She told me ‘bout the rescue group
And what it meant to her.
She said, We are a circle,
A line that never ends.
And in the center there is you
protected by new friends.

And all around you are
the ones that check the pounds,
And those that share their home
after you’ve been found.
And all the other folk
are searching near and far.
To find the perfect home for you,
where you can be a star.
She said, There is a family,
that’s waiting patiently,
and pretty soon we’ll find them,
just you wait and see.
And then they’ll join our circle
they’ll help to make it grow,
so there’ll be room for more like you,
who have no place to go.
I waited very patiently,
The days they came and went.
Today’s the day I thought,
my family will be sent.
Then just when I began to think
It wasn’t meant to be,
there were people standing there
just gazing down at me.
I could tell they felt it too.
for a special dog like you.
Now every night I say a prayer
to all the Gods that be.
Thank you for the life I live
and all you’ve given me.
But most of all protect the dogs
in the pound and on the street.
And send a Rescue Person
to lift them off their feet.

Memories are Golden
They say memories are golden.
Well, maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
A million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
No one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway,
And heartache make a lane.
I'd walk the path to heaven,
And bring you home again.

Our family chain is broken,
And nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again.

Author Unknown

A Dog's Best Friend
O Lord, don't let me once forget
How I love my trusty pet-
Help me learn to disregard
canine craters in my yard
Show me how to be a buddy
even when my sofa's muddy,
Don't allow my pooch to munch
postal carriers for lunch,
Shield my neighbor's cat from view,
guide my steps around the doo,
Train me not to curse and scowl,
when it's puppy's night to howl,
Grant I shan't awake in fear
with a cold nose in my ear,
Give me patience without end-
Help me be; A DOG'S BEST FRIEND.

Author Unknown

Monday he said that a crumb would do
Tuesday he asked me to make it two
Wednesday he said he'd prefer to have fish
And not on a paper - he'd rather a dish!
On Thursday he said it was cold out there
So what about letting him sleep on a chair
By Friday he'd made it perfectly clear
That lucky old he was going to live HERE
On Saturday night he took half my bed
And woke me up early to get himself fed
Today we'll have chicken because it is Sunday
I wonder what he'd enjoy eating on Monday

Author Unknown

THE LITTLE DOG ANGEL High up in the courts of Heaven today
A little dog-angel waits
With the other dogs he will not play
But he sits alone at the Gates:
For I know my master will come, says he
And when he comes, he will call for me.
And his Master far down on the earth below,
As he sits in his easy chair
Forgets sometimes, and he whistles low
For the dog that is not there;
And the little dog-angel cocks his ears
And dreams that his Master's call he hears.
And I know when at length his Master waits
Outside in the dark and cold
For the hand of Death to open the gates
That lead to the Courts of Gold,
The little dog-angel's eager bark
Will comfort his soul while he's still in the dark.

by Norah M. Holland, 1870

A Poem for New Puppy Owners
Author unknown.

Don't smell crotches, don't eat plants.

Don't steal food or underpants.

Don't eat my socks, don't grab my hair...


Don't eat those peas, don't touch that bush,

Don't chew my shoes, what IS this mush?!?

Eat your cookies, drink your drink,

Outta the toilet! Outta the sink!


(and must you kiss me after that?!?)

Raising a puppy is not for the lazy,

Those rugrats are funny but also quite crazy.

Don't despair through the toil and the strife,

'Cause after three years you'll get back your life!

So let's go for walkies, so you can do your "thing",

And maybe I'll get back my good diamond ring!

I wish someone would tell me
What it is I have done wrong,
And why I must be chained outside
And left alone so long.

They seemed so glad to have me
When I came here as a pup,
There were so many things we'd do
While I was growing up.

The master said he'd train me
As a companion and a friend,
The mistress said she'd never fear
To be alone again.

The children said they'd feed me
And brush me everyday,
They'd play with me and walk me
If I would only stay.

But now the master hasn't time
The mistress says I shed,
She won't allow me in the house
Not even to be fed.

The children never walk me
They always say, "not now!",
I do wish I could please them
Can someone tell me how?

All I had, you see, was love
I wish someone would explain
Just why the said they wanted mine
And then left it on a chain......

Author Unknown

Pets name: Chaos

Pets name: Blue Moon

Pets name: Cajun

Pets name: Smoothie
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Old 05-19-2005, 09:36 PM
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My best friend closed his eyes last night,
As his head was in my hand.
The Doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through my head,
As I cradled him in my arms.
Were of his younger, puppy years,
And OH...his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart thats filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "you should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends,
HE's installed a "doggy-door"!

Jan Cooper

We have a secret, you and I,
That no one else shall know,
For who, but I can see you lie,
Each night, in fireglow?
And who but I can reach my hand
Before we go to bed,
And feel the living warmth of you
And touch your silken head?
And only I walk woodland paths,
And see, ahead of me,
Your small form racing wit the wind,
So young again, and free.
And only I can see you swim
In every brook I pass.
And, when I call, no one but I
Can see the bending grass.

Author Unknown

God promised at the birth of time, a special friend to give,
his time on earth is short, he said, so love him while he
lives. It may be six or seven years, or twelve or then
sixteen, but will you, till I call him back, take care of him for
me? A wagging tail and cold wet nose, and silken velvet
ears, a heart as big as all outdoors, to love you through the
years. His puppy ways will gladden you, and antics bring a
smile, as guardian or friend he will, be loyal all the while.
He'll bring his charms to grace your life, and though his stay
be brief, when he's gone the memories, are solace for your
grief. I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth
return, but lessons only a dog can teach, I want you each
to learn. Whatever love you give to him, returns in triple
measure, follow his lead and gain a life, brim full of simple
pleasure. Enjoy each day as it comes, allow your heart to
guide, be loyal and steadfast in love, as the dog there by
your side. Now will you give him all your love, nor think the
labor vain, nor hate me when I come to call, to take him
back again? I fancy each of us would say, "Dear Lord, thy
will be done, for all the joy this day shall bring, the risk of
grief we'll run." "We'll shelter him with tenderness, we'll love
him while we may, and for the happiness we've known,
forever grateful stay." "But shall the angels call for him,
much sooner than we've planned, we'll brave the bitter grief
that comes, and try to understand."

Author Unknown

Pets name: Chaos

Pets name: Blue Moon

Pets name: Cajun

Pets name: Smoothie
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