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Old 11-01-2013, 01:32 AM
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Exclamation Two sweet pittie puppies now living their lives on chains...PLEASE HELP ME!

(Please read to the end..sorry for the length of it!)
Hi there everyone. I'm brand new to this forum. In desperate need of somehow getting connected with rescue people within my area that can in someway help. I'm a college student who works part time in retail and lives with my parents and have two mastiffs so I literally have limited means of helping unless it is help transporting or something of that nature.

My issue is I have a "neighbor" (lives up the street from my neighborhood) that I drive by almost everyday that has recently gotten two pittie puppies. One is black and one is brindle and both adorable. I actually first met them because when I was driving by one morning I saw them kinda close to the street and decided to stop because that scared me since I live on some back roads that cars drive pretty fast down. Any ways the man at the home (trailer) let me know they were his when I rang his door and that he was letting them out to pee and thanked me for letting him know they were close to the road. A few days after that, as I was driving by, I noticed that both are on chains to two different trees within the front yard. I thought that maybe they were on the chains just to use the bathroom...but since I go by there almost everyday I have seen them on there everyday I have gone by there for the past two, almost three weeks now. I believe they are getting food and water and seem to have some toys out there...but they have no shelter from what I can see.

I live within the Johnston County area of North Carolina...Clayton to be exact. People can legally put dogs on chains here..but I do believe they have to give them shelter. It is making me sick to my stomach though seeing both of those babies so young now growing up on chains. It isn't fair. I wish I could just pull in and take them off the chains and take them with me..but I can't for more reasons than it just being illegal for me to do so. They deserve a warm, happy home with lots of attention and love and being raised right. I hate to see pitties treated this way only to possibly become mean from being at the end of a chain for most to it's whole life. They are not born that way...people make them that way. I also believe this may be the same trailer that got busted for running a meth lab...not for sure on that though at all.

Anyways this is what I'm hoping to get out of posting my plea on here. I hope that someone can give me suggestions on who to contact to possibly help me...or maybe where else I can post this plea. Maybe some links or maybe someone will run across this that may either be within the area that maybe can help or know someone within the area that could. I can't grit my teeth and bare to watch these two grow up on chains. It's not right. I just know that my hands are tied and nothing against our AC here..but with our laws there is really nothing I believe they can do or will do. Maybe I can come across someone around here that has some contacts and knows a rescue that can possibly talk the owner into helping give them a better life or possibly giving them over to a rescue if I can somehow get a rescue involved so they can get a better home. They deserve a chance at a better life.
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Old 11-01-2013, 12:53 PM
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First: they honestly may just be out on the chains during the day, or for a few hours at a time. I've never had a fenced in yard an all of my dogs have gone outside on a tether. They don't have shelter because, well, they live in the house and don't need a dog house for just being outside. LOL I've left my dogs outside for hours at a time, multiple times a day even, if the weather is nice and they are enjoying being out. When they are outside, they certainly don't have water and food available to them (although I guess I do put out water if I know they'll be outside for more than 45 or so).

So, I guess my point is: unless you see obvious signs of neglect...they may just be out for fresh air.

If you DO see obvious signs of neglect, then I think your best bet would be to call animal control and report the situation so the dogs can either receive proper shelter from their owner or be confiscated and put up.for adoption.
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Old 11-01-2013, 01:48 PM
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It's possible they are just spending some time outside, especially if you drive by at the same time every day. However if they are living outside without shelter then you could certainly call animal control and they will at least require that the dogs are provided for. But it's hard to tell if the dogs live outside unless you live right next door and can see them at all times. Perhaps drive by next time is is pouring rain outside and see if they are still out.

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