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Old 10-14-2013, 05:02 PM
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Default How often do you eat out?

How often do you eat out, order delivery, or order something to pick up and take home? Rick and I eat out usually about once per month and order dinner to take home once or twice per month.

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Old 10-14-2013, 05:07 PM
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Generally once per week we do not eat food from the fridge. Sometimes that means we go out, sometimes that means takeout or pizza, sometimes it's a social event (wedding, birthday dinner somewhere).

Oftentimes takeout or restaurants give us 2 nights of not cooking thanks to leftovers, which is nice.

I am really really really trying to knock out the takeout routine. It's always Friday or Saturday, and I use it as an excuse not to go out to eat because I'm too tired. I've found that our relationship really needs those couple hours a week out of the house together though--ordering pizza and getting netflix doesn't provide the same relationship boost that going out (even if it's for the same pizza!) does.

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Old 10-14-2013, 05:08 PM
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We (me and my parents) usually don't go out to eat often. It's an occasional thing. Sometimes we'll get a pizza from Papa Murphy's (take n bake pizza) or dine in somewhere but it's not very often. Or we will get chicken meal deal from the deli at Albertson's or Safeway.

It's a once in awhile treat kind of thing. So maybe once or twice a month if that. We eat a lot of stuff at home but if we don't feel like cooking which is rare we will get something. And on special things like birthdays we will go out to eat.
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Old 10-14-2013, 05:21 PM
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When Mike and I were together (er, in the same state as one another, I mean), it was fairly frequently. BUT, that was because a.) I would run him dinner at work on Fridays, b.) we would frequently travel to visit his family and needed to eat something on the go while out and about, and c.) every other week or so we'd order a pizza (or pick up a Papa Murphy's pizza), and/or go on a "date night" out on the town.

Now, it is still fairly frequently for me, as in about once or twice a week I'll run through McDonald's drive through and get a McChicken and a side salad for lunch while at work. I was eating entire meals, but realized that spending $7 on a meal twice a week adds up REALLY quickly. So now my rule is if I eat fast food for lunch, it is only 2 or 3 items off the dollar menu. But that's really it. I don't order out, I don't really eat on the road for anything, and I obviously don't have to take Mike dinner at work any longer.

When I lived at home, eating out was a VERY rare treat. I came from a family of 7, so eating out anywhere was big bucks, especially if it was good quality food! Like, we'd eat out as a family maybe once every 1-2 months. Or, more often than not, we'd get a take and bake pizza or get a bucket from KFC.
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Old 10-14-2013, 05:40 PM
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Maybe 4-5 times per year. If I'm out of town usually I just go to the grocery store and buy some fruit and stuff.
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Old 10-14-2013, 05:50 PM
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Once a week, I grab food from the canteen at work, on Wednesday, because I'm there from noon til 10:30pm. Though, I get it for free every other week, since iI'm a volunteer.

Other than tbat, not often at all. Here and there, my mom and I will go grab some lunch at the mall.
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Old 10-14-2013, 05:58 PM
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DH and I have a weekly "lunch date" at a local fast food place: Moe's, McAlister's, Arby's, a local greek place, etc. It really is something we both find very good for our relationship, just like someone else mentioned.

We go out to brunch once a month or so. Usually to a bagel shop or local breakfast place.

We do go out to eat at a nice place probably 4-5 times a year, for special occasions, with guests, or to spoil ourselves.
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Old 10-14-2013, 06:07 PM
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A whole friggin lot. Since I'm living with my family...I'd say minimum 4 nights a week, plus lunch most weekends.

I don't cook for myself much, because if I buy groceries/ingredients, someone else will use them, and if I do cook, I get annoyed no one eats the leftovers with me and they go bad. There's no room in the freezer really, plus with the baby it's a PITA to just cook for me.

My family pretty much won't eat home cooked meals, and don't cook themselves, so it's way easier to just have them pick me something up. Except they eat fast food for almost every single meal. I don't know how they're not sick all the time. To them, Applebee's is "real food", like a quality meal.

I try to cook/eat home the nights they eat real crap (taco bell is a weekly dinner for them) and convince them to at least pick up sushi or greek takeout other nights.

My BF also eats tons of fast food. Which is weird, because he buys all organic groceries, takes 5 million supplements, juices, etc. If he's off, he'll usually cook, and if he gets home early, I cook for us, but that's never more than twice a week.

When I lived on my own I usually ate out or did takeout about twice a week, but usually social stuff. I imagine it'll be the same when I move out again, maybe slightly less
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Old 10-15-2013, 08:20 AM
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Used to be 5-6x per week going to a restaurant, especially in the summer when we can walk to the backyard patio with the dog and have a nice meal. We live two blocks from Main Street where we have 7+ restaurants. We know the owners, the regulars & the bartenders. If they don't see is fur awhile they start to worry :P

At the moment we're actively trying to save money (and eat better) so we treat ourselves 1-2x a week. We still don't keep food in our fridge* and don't make meals at home.


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