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Old 10-07-2012, 03:38 PM
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Default Agility Run Through...

From Today's Agility Run through...

So got there early and of course took forever to set up and my friend and I kinda missed the walk through *whoops* So we had no idea what the course was and got so confused and yeah wasn't pretty... Oh and worst part I left my cappuccino from QT in the car! *oh the horror* I was dead set on drinking it, but I couldn't cuz my mom left T_T

Anywho we ended up doing just two runs today!

Our first one... well that was a flop. As I said we didn't walk the course so was kinda just playing it by ear and haha yeah. Abby was absolutely nuts! She started off running in circles then takes off and jumps the gate -_- Then she jumps back over and comes straight to me and sits and we did a couple more obstacles and then called it quits. So we didn't finish the course. However even though she took off I was happy with the run because at least she listened and came right back when I called her. Also talked with my instructor after the run and a lot of her running off and sniffing and such was caused by ring stress and I could tell from the beginning because she was a bit growly with other dogs and scratching and just acting a bit stressed. So I wasn't at all surprised by her behavior. New place, new dogs, new smell etc.

2nd run was sooooo much better. We were able to finish the course and she was freaking awesome! And best part I got to walk it! haha. She did her A-frame, the chute, the weaves though her weaves epically failed and the table. She was clearly a lot less stressed and I was super happy I brought her. She was awesomeful and got lots of cookies at the end.

And Twister. Well he barked a lot... He got better towards the end and became BFF's with my friend molly. At the end he was just like "ahh I love you feed me cookies now" I got him out of his crate a few times and we worked on sits and tugging and he was good except when other dogs barked and when he saw other dogs. Both times he would bark. But hopefully with time he'll get better. And again towards the end he did a lot better and we did a little LAT stuff and he was such a good lil man.

So next weekend we have a trial! Wish us luck!

I has pics(didn't take many though) and videos of our runs! Most my pics are of Twister cuz I had to keep abby crated and covered because she was being a bit stressy and nuts when other dogs walked past. But yeah I have her first run on my camera and I think my friend has the second one on hers...

Anywho pics!
crate Set up

My friends pupper Shiloh being such a good girlie


Tug Tug Tug

Twister says Molly is his new BFF

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Old 10-07-2012, 03:38 PM
BoandAbby BoandAbby is offline
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The Road Home

Wish you could see her eyes instead of that icky rust

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