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Old 08-10-2011, 03:27 PM
JoshDT33 JoshDT33 is offline
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Default House training questions, I can't sleep!!

I am writing this while being very tired so bare with me. I just got a dog not long ago. He's a 3 month old Golden Retriever/Collie mix. He has been fairly good for the most part until last night. I have him in a kennel in another room from mine. He cries after being in it. Usually after he finishes with his kong toys, which keeps him occupied for a little bit. Most nights, so far, he just cries for a few minutes then stops for the night. Last night he cried and barked every couple hours. Would this just mean he has to be taken out to use the washroom when he cries? I have been giving him treats when he goes outside and nothing when he has been going inside, which he has been doing at least once a day. He usually won't go in his kennel. He has though and he tears up his pad/newspaper as well. I take him out when I'm there every hour usually, except for at night. Should I put his kennel in my room so he can be by at night. I put in the other room because I'm gone during the day so I figured he would get used to being alone. I play with him for hours at night so he's getting his attention.

When he pee's on the floor, do I just say "No, bad dog" as I would say "Good boy" when he does it outside and I give him a treat.

Also, biting is a slight issue. It's not that bad but he gets out of control sometimes with not listening and I say no and pull me hands away but then he starts barking at me. I usually just put a toy in his mouth to start biting which somewhat works but what if I don't have one.
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Old 08-10-2011, 06:40 PM
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You sound like you're doing a lot of things right. I would try to keep a closer eye on him during the day to make sure if he does decide to go inside you see it happen. Then you can interrupt him and rush him outside.

If he's usually quiet in the crate then whining could mean he has to go out. You can always take him straight out, see if he goes, do your usual praise and treat, and then take him straight back in. Don't play or pay too much attention to him because you don't want him whining to get some loving from you. If he doesn't go potty when you do this then I'd stop taking him out when he whines.

Don't put too much stuff in the crate. Some dogs are more likely to mess if they can cover it up with blankets. Tucker has a crate pad like this:

and that's it.
Also make sure he has pottied right before going in. Since he's messed the crate before you'll want to make sure you clean it really well with an enzymatic cleaner, as well as all the bedding.

Whether or not to bring the crate in your room is up to you. Tucker's has always been next to my parents' bed, otherwise he screams. But your pup sounds like he's doing pretty well in the other room.

You said you play with him at night, so just as a tip I want to mention to have a lull between playtime and nighttime. Exercise and play sends some sort of happy hormones through the body that can wake you up. So play, but about 30 minutes before bed stop and settle down so he can become calm and start to get sleepy.

For Tucker his bully sticks were a big help. Unlike kongs they never run out. So if you gave him a kong to start he could go to the bully stick if he was still bored. But I know it could be dangerous for some dogs if they eat them fast.

When he barks at you it's likely just a hissy fit to make you play again. Your best bet is to continue ignoring him, cross your arms, turn your head up and away from him. Let him bark until he gives up. Then after he stops, get a toy and encourage him to use that. If he gets pushy you could even up and leave the room for a few seconds and then come back in and encourage him to use a toy. But yes, the redirection is to a toy is very important in making sure he understand how to get you to play with him. Hands fail, toys work.

Keep up the good work! Puppies can be very trying.

Thank you ~Dixie's Mom~ for my awesome siggy!
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Old 08-10-2011, 09:05 PM
JoshDT33 JoshDT33 is offline
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Thanks for the reply. I will try putting his crate in my room and go from there.
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Old 08-14-2011, 07:38 PM
JoshDT33 JoshDT33 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 21

Things have gotten better recently since I have moved his kennel in my room. Also I started using a squirt bottle which stops him from barking. He is slowing down on the barking.
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