Pet Sites

  • American Breeders Directory, Inc.

    A self-guiding, user-friendly directory that makes it easy for anyone to search for local or national breeders and merchandisers of their choice! This site contains national breeder listings and breed profiles on Dogs.

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  • Dogshoe Boot

    Dog shoe, boot accessories to protect your dogs' paws from the cold weather.

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  • All Pet Chat

    All Pet Chat is a place for pet owners to obtain useful pet related information, meet other people that love their pets and participate in a variety of interactive online activities including an arcade and rabbitoshi (virtual pet game).

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  • Dogs With Style

    For top quality dog products with free delivery, visit Dogs With Style.

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  • My Puppy…CUJO!

    Cujo is a Yorkshire Terrier with a big attitude! He is very lovable though, don't let his name intimidate you! Since he looked so delicate and small, we had to give him a big tough name.

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  • Crooked River Doggie Daycare

    At Crooked River Doggie Daycare we try to keep things as close to your home atmosphere as possible.

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  • Pet-Safe

    Lowest price on the PetSafe Instant Fence wireless pet containment system.

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  • Tarons Dog Behavior Blog

    All about dog behavior blog.

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  • Kennel Raciels

    A small German Shepherd Dog kennel in Finland and home of Vimo vom Ruscheneck.

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  • Funny Dog Net

    Funny dogs and funny cats.

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