• Layla’s Pug Cam

    24 hour site featuring 3 live streaming cams on Layla, my female fawn pug.

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    We are an animal welfare group campaigning to stop torture to dogs and cats in South Korea.

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  • Rollie and Ella’s Site

    Two Black Standard Poodles, one a rescue eleven years old and the other a three year old who does flyball, obedience and agility.

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  • DOGAID Austraila

    I have formed a group called DOGAID AUSTRALIA to support and campaignagainst animal cruelty in South Korea (dogs and cats).

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  • Pet Collection

    Personalized pet photo watches and unique gifts for pet lovers, family and friends.

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  • Puplinks: All About Dogs

    Fun, informative site for dog owners and potential dog owners, covering topics such as choosing a dog, health, behavior and training.

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